Mr bad luck

During, Mr Lion King?s student days, he had this friend who suffers from bad luck all the time (Let?s call him Mr BL). It was 2 days before Mr BL was due to return to Malaysia and they just finished exams so they went to a pub to celebrate. After a pint of beer, Mr BL decided to drive his friend?s car for a spin. Well, just around the neighbourhood.

As he was about to reach his destination, he was stopped for a breathalyser test by a group of policemen. About 7 policemen, it was as if they caught a terrorist suspect on the streets. Then, Mr BL tried all the delaying tactics to avoid breathalyser. Unfortunately, he was forced to blow it and unfortunately for him again, he was a little bit over the alcohol limit. He was arrested and subsequently detained at a police station.

His friends tried to get him out by informing the policeman that he just graduated from University and is about to leave in 2 days. However, the policeman refused to release him. Fortunately, couple of hours later, after loads of channels and connections, he was subsequently released.

Then, there was once he was at the subway station with 2 of his friends. He was standing next to them and then came a 6 foot black guy and a 6 foot white guy. Then the black guy and white guy started giving insulting remarks to 2 of Mr BL?s friends. And in retaliation, 2 of Mr BL?s friends started insulting back. Mr BL was just minding his own business, looking at the tracks and wasn?t aware what was happening between those people. As he turned his head to look,


One of the 6 footers punched him. He suffered from a broken jaw and was admitted to hospital.

So after all those shit that happened in UK, he was back in Malaysia in no time. Then one day he had to attend a wedding dinner. He took a bus. The bus overturned.

my name is Emma bitch..

Last night, Sui Lin and I met up with Lynnzter, Frostie and Wookookoo and his friend Yani at La Bodega, Bangsar.

Yani has a friend working as a make up artist. His name was Gavin (No relation to Gavin Tan) and now his name is EMMA. He/She swore that if any of his friends call him Gavin again, he will slap them.

And one day,

“Hey Gavin!”


My name is EMMA..bitch.. (I added this line haha)

giving birth

While I was working today, my colleagues were talking about giving birth (they were all ladies). They were talking about the cost of giving birth in private hospital, which is relatively expensive. So I suggested public hospitals. It’s so much cheaper but it seems that it’s not that efficient. Giving birth in General hospital only cost RM50, but the problem is that they kick you out the day after you give birth due to lack of spaces.

One of my colleague’s ex colleagues had a bad experience in General Hospital. She was giving birth hence she was screaming in pain. Then the nurse said,

“Apa jerit-jerit?? Dulu buat apa kau main dengan husband awak?” (Stop screaming you bitch! Why the hell are you screaming? You should have thought of this before you had sex with your husband!)

The nurse kept on scolding her for screaming. Well, it’s normal in Malaysia. Civil servants are well known for their my-father-died-last-night-so-I-cant-smile-now faces. If you’re lucky, you get a smile from them. If you’re unlucky, they will curse at you, your parents, your dog, your cat, your mother’s pussy and so on.

What was your worst experience?


» I think I am re-discovering the wonders of broadband. Ever since I installed the 1Mb Broadband, I realised i have not actually make good use of it until recently i started downloading again. I was told that the latest series of FRIENDS is really humourous.When i finally had the time to sIt back and relax a little, all ready for FRIENDS, with pop corns on my hand, cuddled up on my bed, lights off ( just kidding ;p) suddenly *SPLASH* *SPLASH* 100 best cum shots appeared on the screen. DAMN! Another idiot doing lame jobs of naming their porn as FRIENDS. So much of a humour for the night. That goes on to explain why i keep having porn pop ups everytime i go online. Believe it or not, it is terribly annoying!! I got a bad feeling that my computer is going to crash anytime soon. aRrR* Panic attacks doesn’t do any good, I still ain’t reformatting or backing-up my hard drive, and I’ll sigh with regrets when it crashes..*touch wood 🙂

Something for you guys to ponder:

Taking from Tony Parson’s novel One for my baby he sets out the the first law of fucking around.

“The unified theory of fucking around clearly states that if they do it once, they will do it again and again.”

How many of you agree to that statement? How many of you can forgive a cheating lover?