So I said yes

Hi, its me again. πŸ˜‰ Been a while, hasn’t it?

Leong and I once talked about how we would used this blog to document big important events happening in our respective lives, to the point of even blogging about how it is like giving birth! Well, I just had one pretty momentous thing happened in my life lately.

My other half got down on his knee and proposed to me two weeks ago… πŸ˜‰ I’m getting married!

I had wanted to blog about how he proposed, but I think that’s too much mush for this blog! I have heard many stories of things guys do when proposing to their chosen ones. I had wanted my asking-of-my-hand to be sweet and simple, with no music, no room filled with helium balloons, no flying helicopter carrying the ring over, and all that rah rah rah. And honestly, he couldn’t have done it more perfectly than I would have wanted it.

Anyway, taking note of bimbobum’s previous post about going to the parents before proposing, he did do the right thing of asking for my parents’ blessings before popping the question. I am quite sure I would have hesitated if he hadn’t (yup, even between my crying and saying ok, I had a perfectly clear state of mind to ask if he already asked my parents!).

While typing this down, I can see the little gem he gave me blinking from my left ring-finger, the inner me going ‘yikes!’ in a good way and the buzz I am still getting is… beyond.

And then there is the inevitable stress and frustration of making plans for the wedding dinner, which is beginning to creep in and jump on me. I didn’t realise it would hit me so fast! From the good date of the wedding, to choosing a ballroom, to the preliminary guest list – ahhh is this all there is to expect in the year to come??

And the time is..

After two weeks off from work, starting the new working year on 3 Jan 2006 was such a drag – literally. How my body would slowly roll to the side, drag my legs to hang at the side of the bed and then my arms, with an indescribable strength, will throw off the blanket in one quick move, allowing the cold morning air freeze my body and mind to finally wake up and get ready for work. Work!!

And I had just return from a holiday in Hawaii so finally starting work once again was really tougher than how it sounds in the paragraph above.

Talking about my mornings, everyday at 7.10am my alarm clock will start ringing. A press of a button to turn it off and 20 more minutes of utterly appreciated semi-conscious shut-eye. A ‘treat’ of sorts, as my alarm clock is timed 20 minutes faster; likewise, my handphone’s time is 10 minutes faster, wallclock is 25 minutes ahead and my watch and laptop is faster by 5 minutes.

Naturally, my mind tells me to look at different clocks whenever there is a nagging feeling that screams it really IS time to wake up, ok!. A simple subtraction would place all my time to point to exactly the same and correct time of the morning but in the reluctant and sleep-induced state, whichever clock that shows (or fools me to think) that I still have time, is an indulgence that is much too eloquent to be put into words.

Talking to some friends the other day on this personal modification of our time-tellers, this seems to be increasingly common for a variety of reasons.

One friend has put 6 minutes faster in all her clocks, as it gives her the commonly-felt comfort among us guilty time-manipulators that there is still time, we are still early or i surprise me with my time-management! I often forget that many minutes have been added and the sudden revelation that there’s still time to spare, is worth the rushing around to finish things up just a few minutes earlier.

How is it that we know that we had added minutes to our time-tellers but still β€˜forget’ and work/live just a bit faster as if we were late?

Another friend’s watch is exactly an hour and 10 minutes faster, the fastest I know of yet. During long, dull meetings, he will roll up his sleeves and casually flash his watch around – the track record of people adjourning the meeting earlier is amazing. Never mind if they have watches of their own, perhaps it is a subconscious buzz in the brain that says, what!? it’s 8pm already!? oh hang on, his watch is fast by an hour! but oh well, it’s time this meeting end anyway. adjourn! And I honestly would try anything, if it means there is a shot at getting any meeting to end faster.

And of course, there are some who work the other way – this friend’s time is 15 minutes later just so it will panic him enough to hurry up. Everyday is a rush, with the typical i’m late!‘s. I’m not sure I want to live my life knowing that I am late, and this one really means late, not in the tricking-myself-to-think-I-am-late way.

Another matter altogether when one day, a well-meaning parent changed all the time-tellers to the correct time and the following morning’s chaos of confusion and sinking realisation that came soon after… but that’s another story for another day. πŸ™‚

So for the new year, here’s to all of us time-manipulators (you know who you are!) and all others, to more time to spare! *clink

Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb

As I type this post, I can hear someone singing this lyric, “Cantik tertarik menarik kau memang da bomb!“. The same line over and over and over again… and it’s slowly driving me crazy.

Ok! Leong! As requested! πŸ˜€ Here’s my yearly (has it been that long or longer since my last post?) contribution to the site. Objective of the year: to have name removed from being under the inactive guestblogger list. (HAH!) Generally, just some updates for those who don’t know already: I have changed jobs and I have moved to a new home.

Liking my new job, biggest bonus that it is less than 10 minutes away from my house. Although I start work earlier at 8.30am everyday, I don’t wake up till 8am! Away from the KL hustle and bustle, I am spoilt already, to be so far and away from braving the horrendous traffic to fighting for breathing space in a crowded lift. The little things that will boost anyone’s morale, really.

A year ago, I would never have imagined that I would move away from my house of 15 years. But out of the blue, things had their way and suddenly we were faced with a brand new house to play with. Months later, here I am. Living in a house my family put much thought and love into and I can’t describe the silent burst of happiness I feel when I wake up every morning and look around my turquoise room. Turquoise because I decided I was over the pink phase. Those silent bursts also apply when I walk in the garden or walk barefooted around the terrace. And when I play with my dog in the backyard and stand in the balcony looking into my neighbour’s home. πŸ™‚

It was also in the garden too, that I burnt myself a hole in the pocket.

While leaning over the fish pond to touch the tiny orange fishes, *ploop went my handphone from my shorts pocket, right into the shallow pond. I actually had the gall to stare at it underwater for awhile, before snatching it up. And I wondered if it would have made a difference if I had dismantled the phone earlier, instead of admiring the psychedelic colours the side of my screen was fuzzing out into..

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Even dogs don’t want me, you say…

I am in a state, I am.

Someone just told me that even dogs didn’t want me. I know he meant it as a joke, but I took it really badly. It?s a joke, just a joke. You know how he is.

And you know what, joke or no joke; I think that was really uncalled for. I’m really hurt. *heart breaks..

Moving on, work for me the past 2 months have been a basket of mixed nuts. Seen the good, experienced the bad, cried at the worse. Being such a junior, I am constantly being taught by my colleagues ? one too many of them that is. Getting instructions from any of them is a headache coz they each give contradicting instructions and directions, I don?t know which to follow and not only do I end up completely confused, they think I am dumb for not listening to him or her or her. Make up your mind!

And what?s more, Oon and Tucks are going back Australia? don’t go? :?( I wish I had so much more time with you guys, I wish I made more time for you guys. It is about being completely comfortable with you guys that count. I will never live down the guilt. :?( And moreover, who is gonna take me to Br3akers now? And be oH So PaTieNt while playing foos with me? WHo?? πŸ™

Aiyah, I?m in a sour mood. Note to self: Better not blog when you are in a bitter frame of mind.

I miss her :`(

Sigh I am so stressed. Needed to type my feelings out somewhere.. (Bear with me, I needed to do this)

My sis left for Hawaii yestermorning and I couldn’t send her off coz of work. Anyway, everything went fine until her flight KL-Narita got delayed 2 hours so by the time she reached Narita for her connecting flight to Honolulu, she had only 15 minutes to run from one terminal to the other while hearing her name being paged over and over again in the PA system. When she finally reached her gate, they realised that her bags were in the wrong plane hence even more confusion. When she got her bags settled, the officers there stopped her and searched her luggage, pouring out every nicely packed article.

Done with that, she finally got onto the plane, which was obviously delayed. The plane crew of FUCKED UP NORTHWEST AIRLINES and passengers threw her dirty looks and treated her like shit when she was on the plane, eventhough it was not her fault and she owed no-bloody-one of them an explanation. Getting off, she had to endure the latest procedure by the US authorities who took her picture and thumbprint. And she was the only one who had to do it. Damnit, does my sister look like a goddamn terrorist to you? Anyway, in the name of security, they probably got their reasons so fuck it; there was nothing we could have done there.

When she finally came out, she was greeted by her assigned ‘carer’ who then took her to her hotel and left her there. Apparently her job was to only take my sister to the hotel and nothing else, or so she claims. JOY TURNER YOU ARE A REAL BITCH. Well, reaching the hotel didn’t help since she didn’t have a room to go into and she had to wait for vacancy. Finally, after checking into a room? she was overwhelmed with feelings and emotions of having to go through so many hours of confusion and fatigue all alone.

Hearing her crying so hard over the phone so many miles away, just broke my parents and me. She is completely alone there with no contacts, no friends and no idea of how to get around since it was understood that the fucktard-of-a-Joy was suppose to bring her around the campus and island. She doesn?t know where to go, how to get anywhere or what to do. She attempted to take the bus to her campus but since she didn?t have any loose change, the smallest being a one-dollar bill, she wasn?t allowed on the goddamn bus. BUS DRIVER, GO DRIVE STRAIGHT TO HELL.

What a rough way for my sister to find out that it is a cruel, unpredictable world out there. All my family and I can do right now is hope she will settle down fast and comfortably, make some friends and have the good part of her university life there start rolling in. Hopefully her bad luck ends right now, hopefully she will get a decent roommate, get into her chosen classes, live the Hawaiian campus life and finally get to enjoy the fact that she is in such an island resort.

I?m really emotional right now. I wish to be nowhere else but with her and do nothing else but be there for her. I wish I never started work so I could have flew there with her, going through those problems wouldn?t be half as bad if we only had companionship. We tend to underestimated how low loneliness can take us. I hope this experience makes her a stronger person, if not a more cynical one..

I miss her, I miss her like hell. πŸ™


Β» I think I am re-discovering the wonders of broadband. Ever since I installed the 1Mb Broadband, I realised i have not actually make good use of it until recently i started downloading again. I was told that the latest series of FRIENDS is really humourous.When i finally had the time to sIt back and relax a little, all ready for FRIENDS, with pop corns on my hand, cuddled up on my bed, lights off ( just kidding ;p) suddenly *SPLASH* *SPLASH* 100 best cum shots appeared on the screen. DAMN! Another idiot doing lame jobs of naming their porn as FRIENDS. So much of a humour for the night. That goes on to explain why i keep having porn pop ups everytime i go online. Believe it or not, it is terribly annoying!! I got a bad feeling that my computer is going to crash anytime soon. aRrR* Panic attacks doesn’t do any good, I still ain’t reformatting or backing-up my hard drive, and I’ll sigh with regrets when it crashes..*touch wood πŸ™‚

Something for you guys to ponder:

Taking from Tony Parson’s novel One for my baby he sets out the the first law of fucking around.

“The unified theory of fucking around clearly states that if they do it once, they will do it again and again.”

How many of you agree to that statement? How many of you can forgive a cheating lover?



Gonna do something like what Leong did in the previous post…

I had wan tan mee with Wei Chen, Leong, Aunty Jetski, Cris, Ben, Sui Lin and Johnson at Hartamas.

Then I had some Purple Pum (it was really how it was spelt, I swear) Bubbletea which had no bubble pearl things from some mad-laughing-woman shop in Sungai W4ng.

Then I had some noodle thing in that Gary shop in Sungai W4ng.

Then later at night, I fucking LS.

It must have been the fucking bubbletea. Fuck the mad-laughing-woman.

Fucking hell, it was like getting period TWICE a month.

/me dun haf charcoal pills.

Fuck the mad-laughing-woman.

He was like sooOOOOOooo hooOOOOTTTTTtttt…!!!!!!!!! :D

K3anu was sooooo the super human-thing he is. Fooooh! And hell yeah, he was like sooOOoooo hoooOOOOTTTTTTtttttt?. I LIKE!!!

I couldn?t sleep till 7am this morning and I have a tiny suspicion that it was because of the Ju-0n trailer I saw before the start of the Matr1x. The classic trick of using small innocent children as the core of all evil (add that with those kids singing some random nursery rhyme and the background tinkling of some toy music-box thing) is an age-old plot should have gone passι ’y now. BUT THEY HAVEN?T, DAMNIT!!

I kept imagining some small naked pale jap kid staring at me from the side of my bed. Hence the arrangement of pillows, bolsters (yeah, I have 2) and soft toys all around the perimeter of my bed. Then I couldn?t move without something dropping on the floor and the dread of bending over the bed to pick them up in the dark mixed with the fear of touching some cold flesh instead of a furry soft toy mixed with the terror of turning around after picking it up to see a small naked pale jap kid at the oTHer side of the bed mixed with smelling the aroma of my malay neighbors cooking their breakfast. And damn, it smelt good? πŸ™‚

I took a break from Sims yesterday coz I am still kinda spinning from the latest episode of my Sim. HE IS GAY!!! After his wife died, he got his guy-neighbor to move in with him along with a kid. The whole works were there ? the flirting, the hugging, the kissing and then they moved in together. The thing is, I didn?t control that, it was more like sat back and watch. *gaAHHhhh* And they sleep together! Ok, I didn?t know Sims could do that. I ?designed? it after Chen too? so? you are not gay, rite? RITE? πŸ˜›

(Haha I couldn?t tahan blogging without making a jibe at him just once!)

Ok, that?s it for now. Take care all.. its wet and dreary out there so drive safely and don?t let any depression get to you coz no matter how bad things may get, remember – someone loves you πŸ™‚

Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the fastest horse

It was another random day, ykwya and I were window shopping at our neighbourhood shopping mall when he pressed his face against a shop window, looking at a model car inside… crooning to himself…

dee: ?
ykwya: I love this car…
dee: you look like you are gonna come
ykwya: no-laa… no sound also…

Did you all know that he gets turned on looking at a good car and comes at the sound of a good car engine? At least it isn’t a girl… πŸ™‚ even though I should wonder if I should feel threatened at all. Hehe… πŸ˜€

OK moving on from making fun/complaining about my guy YET AGAIN… I am bACk! The last few weeks have been eventful with some birthdays – HAPPY VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY KELL JAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! Got myself some chekap speakers and been addicted to Sims – ‘designed’ 2 sims following both our characters and they ended up being total MONSTERS. Yesternite, one of them died in a fire πŸ˜› so the other is about to die of loneliness since no one wants to make friends with him. BAH!!! I guess that goes to say that you should never forget about your friends once you get hooked.. πŸ™‚

Going to watch the Matr1x tomorrow which reminded me of the time some of the Watson 16-ners went to watch the second Matr1x in UK together… left most of us pretty confused and with Chuo Ming only liking (and remembering?) the chocolate cake part of it. And I still remember watching the first Matr1x and I thought K3anu was sOOoOoOoooo HOOOTTTTTTTTTTT, I sat up leaning towards the screen the entire show. Yeah, he was that hOT. But after a while, his slightly bewildered and dazed faη‘€e got kinda dry? I hope the third one, he will look like the gallant superhuman-thing he is? πŸ˜€ (arghh *nose bleed..)

Talking about noses, I saw a nose-hair sticking out of his nose and it looked kinda ?loose? so?

dee: eh eh wait don?t move?. (attempts to pull out)

Ok so I didn?t know it was still attached. So there you go, one way to send your guy to his knees and cry oh mother of god, is to pull his nose hair. πŸ˜€

Till next time, take care all!!!

i am gonna shrivel up and die!!!

Siew Lee, I know you are reading this… BLOG babe, BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And I couldn’t access this site yesterday but I meant to post this – HAPPPPYYYY 21st BIIIRRTTTHHHDDAAAAAYYYYY, KIIIINNNNN HAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!! Hope you had a spanking good one… right before all you guys roll back to UK the next few days… :'(

Tomorrow would be Wei Chen, Sow and Zing’s Graduation and I reallllyyy wannnaa goooooooo!! But there weren’t any extra tickets, so even if I went I would be hanging out at the hotel lobby till the ceremony is done. πŸ˜› So should I even bother? Got a feeling that he doesn’t want me to see his parents (ok, so I am scared too :D) so aiyah, maybe I will just wait till everybody is done and meet them for yamchar later. But I really wanna see him in the graduation robes…. and y’know, things like these, mere photographs won’t suffice…

Anyway, I think I am beginning to get thisclose to losing my mind from intensive chilling-out and doing nothing everyday. If I look hard enough, I think I can see my skin slowly eroding away and if I concentrate hard enough, I swear I can feel my bones turn to putty inside me. I went jogging TWICE and put things on hold since I couldn’t find anyone to go with. You may ask, “What about him?” *waves off question* I tried asking and he thought I was mad – What? JOGGING?! Don’t tell me you are serious?? And I seriously considered dance classes again but similarly, I dowanna be dancing with some random stranger with bad breath and a serious case of B.O… What abo-… – Don’t bother, I think he rather go kill himself than go dance classes with me… πŸ™‚

So it goes on, my rotting self… and naturally, it feels pretty good to be blaming him for not doing anything about it.. hehe πŸ˜€