KL Tower Rave


Regenerate Red Zone

KL Tower, KL

RM30 + 1 drink
First 300 to enter between 7.30 and 9.00pm get in free

Be sure to catch regenerate in action once more as Tempo brings you Fergie, Timo Maas, and Ashley Casselle, along with local jocks Jungle Jerry and Eugene.


Fon, glo and the Penang gang came all the way down for the KL tower rave. Fon said, “Bring chickies ya”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know any of my female friends were there so I told him that all my friends were guys. In reply, Fon said, “Alamaks.. My side oso banana plantation from Penang”.

The rave was held on the base of KL Tower, the fourth tallest telecommunication tower in the world (it was not held on top of the tower. We would be dead if they had it on top of the tower).

We had to take a shutter bus provided by the organizers up to the tower as parking weren’t allowed on top of the hill (KL tower is located on top of a hill)

Most of us were hoping to get in free of charge as the first 300 gets in free till 9PM. However, when I was there at 8:30PM, there were already 2000 people ahead of me. Fortunately, the cover charge was cheap. Only RM30!! 3 international DJs for RM30, that makes RM10 per DJ! Worth it wei!!

The event started off in a mellow tune as they were playing some housey tune. I personally didn’t like it (but some may differ). However, the dance floor was packed, so packed till it feels like a long journey to walk from the entrance of the dance floor to the DJ console. PS, Kiang, Ivan and I tried walking towards the DJ console but failed miserably as it was pack like sardines and hot like sauna.

And another good thing that makes our RM30 worth it is the firework display. It was spectacular. It started off with some twirly firework that looks like it was hitting the ground. Everyone started running for cover but the firework was actually tried to a string.

The fireworks display went on for 10 minutes. Great display!

The event ended at 3AM. Everyone shouted for more but we left before everyone starts jamming up the shutter bus home.

Pictures of all the stupid clubbing scene and all the ahbengs will be up soon 😀

Bad luck every Friday

Last Friday, I was summoned by the police for parking illegally in Sunway.

And this Friday, my car broke down in Sunway. The battery ran flat after I accidentally left my lights on.

So after 10 or more phone calls, nobody has a jump start cable. By then, the car park was beginning to turn dark and the mosquitoes were hunting for blood. I was unfortunately attacked by mosquitoes for half an hour.

My friends gave me different advices namely call AAM, jump start my car and also buy a new car battery.

Then Abby Lu came to the rescue! She brought me to the nearest workshop. However, we realize that both of us don’t have enough money to get a new battery.

Fortunately, one of Choon Huei’s friends has a jump start cable and within no time, Choon Huei saved me from my misery and mosquitoes attack.

In order to repay her for her good deed, I bought her a delicious Super Spicy Taiwanese Sausage. Too bad she couldn’t finish it 😀

negative comment from chuo ming

A negative comment from chuo ming.

Extract from http://www.blackhearts.co.uk/blog/archives/00000112.htm#comments#comments

xes: yeah at least i post more interesting stuff then stupid clubbing scenes over and over again with pics of all the ah bengs

Posted by chuoming @ 03/16/2004 02:31 PM GMT

Ah Beng = a no-nonsense simpleton stereotype that usually wears anything with bright-neon-colors like hand-phone, hair, car, etc.

Do you agree? 😀

Malaysia v England

Got this from Sarah aka aNGeLnEsS


Malaysian English VS Briton’s

Who says our English is teruk (bad). Just see below – Ours is simple,short,concise, straight-to-point, effective etc. The English did invent the English Language, but they cannot use it economically when communicating their intentions. Compare thesephrases that Malaysians and Britons use to say the same thing:

So, why make things so confusing and waste of money when you are on a long distance call. Make it snappy.

Britons: I’m sorry, Sir, but we don’t seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.
Malaysians: No Stock.

Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?
Malaysians: Hallo, who page?

Britons: Excuse me, I’d like to get by. Would you please make way?
Malaysians: S-kews

Britons: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Malaysians: No-need, lah.

Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?
Malaysians: (while pointing at door) Can or not?

Britons: Please make yourself right at home.
Malaysians: Don’t be shy, lah!

Britons: I don’t recall you giving me the money.
Malaysians: Where got?

Britons: I’d prefer not to do that, if you don’t mind.
Malaysians: Doe-waaaan!

Britons: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you’re coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the issue.
Malaysians: You mad, ah?

Britons: Excuse me, but could you please ! lower your voice, I’m trying to concentrate over here.
Malaysians: Shaddap lah!

Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time. Do I know you?
Malaysians: See what, see what?

Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
Malaysians: Die-lah!!

I got bozos as colleagues

Hi hi all, before I forget – give my buddy Oon a hit or two yah! He’s the latest count to the blogworld, always found him the amusing one so it’s great to be able to get the same dose of off-hand satirical humour daily (hopefully). 😀

Ok for some reason, the ctrl+shift+a button won’t work for me, so here’s da add – www.supaoon.blogspot.com

I am so frus coz my workplace banned me from accessing this site (damnit what is so freaking X-rated about this site?). Maybe they DID find out that I blogged from work. Shite.

Anyway, something so silly happened today at work ? my colleague, A, was carrying this clipboard on her hand, against her chest when another colleague, B, asked her what the time was. She then lifted her hand to look at her watch causing the clipboard to bang against her chin and nose. Ok so it was kinda funny, A and B who were facing each other were laughing so hard that they both bent in front the same time and banged each other?s heads. They both then bent back in laughter causing them to bang their heads against the office partitions which then caused some mini earthquake in the office causing everything against or on the partitions in the entire office to fall off like some domino run. It was timely that my boss came in just right then and he had the unprecedented ?wtf..?? look on his face, even more so when he saw A?s slightly bloody nose where she scratched it with the clipboard?

I can honestly say that I am bored of my job but it?s episodes like these that make it all worthwhile even just the little bit. 😉

Ok-la? time to make a phonecall to him before heading off to sleep, in preparation of yet another *ergh* day ahead? Nites!


Last week, I received a summons for illegally parking along the road in front of Sunway College.

So today, I endured the fuckup traffic jam and pot holes in order to pay for my summons.

Unfortunately, the summons counter was closed. I was an hour late. Feeling frustrated, I walked back to my car. While on my way, an extremely fat Malay dude offered to settle my summons for me. He brought me to one of the annexed police quarters to see someone.

As I walked into the building, i went like.. “I’m going to blog about this”

I was greeted with the sight of 2 men playing ping pong. 2 traffic police motorcycles were parked next to their ping pong table. The Malay man went into a small room. Inside the room, there was a policeman singing karaoke. Wow…

The Malay man then brought me to the annex’s backyard to meet up with another man. That man offered to settle my summons for RM50. He told me that it would cost me RM70 if I pay at the station.

RM50 is just too much for me and further, I was told that it only cost me RM30 if I pay legitimately. The Malay men rebutted that by saying that they have raised the compound.

I had a feeling that they were lying. I said, “I’ll come back next week” and left the place immediately. I wonder what they said were true. Does it really cost me RM70 for illegal parking at Sunway College?

More pictures from Reinforce 3

Pictures courtesy of glo!

reinforce 3!


Reinforce 3 was raided!! Well, not exactly! I was informed that police will raid the place by 3AM, hence the rest of us headed back to our cars, messaging people to tell them to leave ASAP. However, by 3AM, the music stopped. Everyone went home. How frustrating is that??? What a shame! One of the most anticipated rave has to shut down by 3AM. This is a huge blow to Malaysia nightlife man..

Well, overall, if its not for the early closure, this rave is fucking good. It drizzled at first but as soon as the rain stopped, everyone hit the dance floor. As for the shuffling board, it’s not as big as I expected it to be. It’s just a few planks of wood. Further, it’s worth mentioning that the whole arena is huge. It’s actually an equestrian park as big as 10 football fields. The main entrance from the main area was fucking far. I guess it would be as far as 3 football fields!

Brian Burger did the opening and was replaced with Uncle Maverick who donned a collar t-shirt with a fish shaped tie plus a huge framed spectacle and not to mention, flatten hairstyle ala Clark Kent! He opened his set with Superman’s theme song.

At 1AM, Richie Rich was next. I didn’t like it cause his songs tends to be a little bit monotonous but no doubt it was hard. Further, they hired some dancers to perform on stage. We felt bored as the dancers took our dancing spot.

Feeling bored, Ivan, Melyn, Umeng and I went out from the arena to chill. Ivan wanted to take a dump so we intruded a stable nearby. The horses’ eyes were covered with a cloth. No idea why. The toilet was clean though. It was like a 5 star toilet. First time in my life, I went to a clean toilet during raves.

And as for Space DJz, ohhh my gooodddd..he is the mannnnnnnnnnn…lovely beatssss.. very Melbournerish.. However, his set lasted a mere 45 minutes. I was fucking pisseddddddd…GAHHH..it was too good to be missed..GAAAHHHH..

I heard that the owner complained about the music. Apparently his horses were disturbed by the loud music.

I ended the night at Spicy Kitchen with the gang. The rest of the gang headed down to Bar Code for second round.


wall climbing

I finally did it. I went wall climbing! 😀

It was easy though.

My classmates, Fe0nna and Mei followed me to Summ1t. They wanted to check out the place but refused to sign up for wall climbing. They ended up sitting on couch while drooling at the muscular climbers

After paying RM25, I slipped on my climbing shoes (it?s tight and one size smaller) and harness (nylon belt for the waist and a pair of leg loops for the thighs).

Firstly, I had to go through a 15 minutes course given by Stephanie, one of the instructors on how to tie the ropes and belaying (when someone is about to descend from the top, a belayer holds on to the rope in order to coordinate the ascend). Ascending was pretty hard for me as I am an acrophobic (person who has fear of heights). I didn?t dare to let go of the rocks and let my back fall back. There was once I lost my balance and hit the wall and Stephanie, my belayer was lifted up in the air with me. oOoOOoo…. my ballsssssss? They were squeezed by the harness?oOoooooh?

Mikey then taught me the basics and introduced me to bouldering. Oh my god, bouldering is so frustrating. It?s so physically challenging. Despite the fact that Mikey and his friend gave me an easy route to go, I couldn?t finish it! GAHH! No fear.. I shall go again this Sunday? Anyone wants to join me? 😀

Furthermore, Bouldering was fucking tiring. By the end of the day, my arms were hardened and I couldn?t even grip my hands! But I shall let the end justify the mean, super body here I come!!

Election 2004

Malaysia Parliament was dissolved last Thursday. Election will be held on 21 March.

I haven’t registered myself as a voter though. I heard that we can do it at the post office. Well, the last time I was in a post office, I had to line up fucking long. No more post office for me.

During the previous elections, Malaysians would rush to the nearest super market to stock up their food supplies. This was due to fear of racial riot. On 13th May 1969, there was a bloody racial riot that killed hundreds of people. This happened after the governing party lost to the opposition party (which mainly compromise of non natives).

Dad told me many stories about 13th May. Luckily for him, he was back at his hometown that day. Some of his friends weren’t that lucky. A friend of his was walking around town then suddenly he saw many people started running. He was puzzled. Then someone from the crowd urged him to run as well. Apparently, machete welding men was chopping any rival races they saw.

Malay men setup blockades at Federal Highway. My dad’s lecturer was cruising on Federal Highway, and unknown to him, a racial riot has started. He had no idea what’s going on. As he approached the blockade, the men hit his windscreen and urged him to come out. Without hesitation, he stepped on the pedal, banging everything in front of him, and escaped that ordeal. He would be dead if he didn’t.

The Chinese did their part at the riot too. Remember the now defunct Rex Cinema at Chinatown? Well, during the riot, Chinese triads were waiting outside the Cinema. As the movie ended, the Chan Ho Nams and San Kai (aka triad members) chopped any Malay men they see.

Sounds like a thriller movie but i wouldn’t want to be in it.

Martial law was declared after that. No one was allowed on the streets. Another friend of Dad was stuck in a hotel for days without proper food. The patrons of the hotel had to share bread for few days.

This post might sound like an incitement. But this is the truth, and the truth shouldn’t be withheld from the public. The younger generation should not be deprived of such knowledge as it serves as a warning or lesson to all of us. I hope that this incident would never happen again. Amen…