Malaysia: Not A Country To Go

I stumbled upon this article published in Ghana News on 26th September 2008.

Malaysia: Not A Country To Go

In the wake of recent serial killings and severe discrimination of the Africans by mainly the Malaysians I wish to advice my fellow Africans who were made to believe that Malaysia is a “humble” destination for foreigners to consider Malaysia as “not a place to go”. Malaysia appeared to be a country of mixed races namely, the Malays, Indians, and the Chinese. One would expect that there should be high degree of racial tolerance. One would also expect that Africans or foreigners in general should be tolerated under normal circumstances. We once heard of our own Kofi Anan urging other countries to emulate Malaysia due to her racial harmony. I wish to tell him and all Africans that “she” cannot be our role model. We should not forget that a country that is racially harmonious must tolerate people from all walks of life. Malaysia is not such a place, this is due to the fact that (1) Africans are regarded as social misfits (2) we are not protected by the law and (3) we don’t have job security.
The African had been and continues to be a “nuisance” in the eyes and minds of the citizens of Malaysia, not excluding the police personnel. Do not be astonished if you realize that the moment they see any black color from Africa he or she is perceived to be a criminal. Their conclusion is that all blacks are criminals. This perception was long ago infused in their minds by the media. The media always portray the negative and the deplorable states as well as the conflict zones of Africa. The youth always refer to us as “Negros”. These very bad remarks ended in the painful death of many Africans in Malaysia. In the recent periods two Nigerians were poisoned in a restaurant, a Yemeni guy lost 3 fingers as he was trying to block a knife that was aimed at his chest, 2 Egyptians were asked by some locals to give whatever they have, when they refused, a fight broke out and all the locals at that area came to fight the Egyptians without knowing the reason!!! Another Egyptian was robbed of RM4000 and beaten up. In Melati Utama, bikers usually rampage the net cafes from time to time with knifes and baseball sticks frightening the people in it and taking whatever they have. These are just very few of the cases.
Let me give you a recent case in Wangsa Maju that has led to the untimely death of an African student from Chad. African undergraduate, HELP University College, Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdraman, 22, (his picture shown above) was brutally murdered just because of his color.
On Saturday, there was a mob attack by some 20 youths wielding metal rods, sticks and knives on 10 African undergraduates in Wangsa Maju which landed in his death and injured the rest, they were unjustly harassed and mocked by the youths for four consecutive days before the attack. The youths even went up to their Tar Villa apartment and demanded money and cigarettes. According to the students and as reported by the Malaysian Newspaper ”Malay Mail” the drama unfolded when three undergraduates were on the way to board the LRT to perform “terawih” prayers (long prayers by the Muslims after they have broken their fasting) at a nearby mosque at 8.30pm.
They were confronted by some 20 youths who were believed to have hurled abuse at them (they called them Negros) and demanded money.
When the trio ignored them and walked away, the youths, carrying switch blades, pursued them and struck one of them on the head.
The students took refuge at the LRT (Train Station) and sought assistance from their African friends living nearby.
Seven of their friends, including Abdel Aziz, went to their aid and together they went back to where the trio was attacked.
Abdel Aziz’s cousin, Abdraman Moussa Mohamat, 23, said: “We asked the youths who were seated at the stalls why they had attacked our friends but they came for us suddenly without saying a word.
“We ran for our lives when they began swinging metal rods, sticks and knives at us. In the fracas, Abdel Aziz was stabbed from the back.”
The police confirmed that the victims had been regularly ridiculed by the youths who expressed their displeasure at the increasing presence of Africans in the neighbourhood.
Sentul district police Chief Assistant Commissioner Zakaria Pagan told Malay Mail that initial investigations revealed that the attack stemmed from the uneasiness of the residents over the behavior (increasing umber of students) of the Africans.
“We believe the youths who attacked the Africans wanted to teach them a lesson to behave themselves in public.”
What a shit?
All the taxi drivers categorically refused to pick up the boy when he was injured. Within 15 minutes all the taxis DROVE AWAY without even stopping. It was not a surprise since they always don’t want to pick up blacks. You may be at a taxi station waiting hours while there are taxis available but will refuse to go just because you are a black man.
It is clear in all material respect that Africans are treated like animals and must not live together with “them” in the society. Discrimination we acknowledge is everywhere but not to this extent. I could remember the very first time I arrived in Malaysia, right at the airport people distanced themselves far away from me as I approach them. I could not ask anyone for direction. It was a foreigner who rescued me. In the classroom, Malaysians sit far away from us unless they have no choice. Lecturers themselves who were suppose to be agents of change follow the same suit when marking our papers. We work very hard to achieve excellent results and they try very hard to making sure that we land in futility. They do not want us to outcompete the local students. We thank God, despite all odds we do emerge as the best of all in all.
The security system in Malaysia is well designed and perfectly carved to protect the Malays. We foreigners have no security. Anytime we have a dispute it always goes against us. Any case reported to the police is discarded if the Malaysian is found to be guilty. “We believe the youths who attacked the Africans wanted to teach them a lesson to behave themselves in public.” You teach us a lesson by killing us? The police records will prove that about 99% of the reported cases were initiated by the Malays. Many were arrested for a crime they did not commit. The only misbehavior as they claim is that we blacks talk loudly thus disturbing them. Therefore, as the number of students increases they feel uneasy.
I urge all prospective students who wish to study here to reconsider their decisions. Malaysia is not a suitable atmosphere for education due to intense discrimination and insecurity. It has the entire physical infrastructure needed to facilitate learning but the student’s mind is constantly occupied by security concerns. Almost every month, if not a week, a student must die like an animal without any concern by the government of Malaysia. The worse of it all is that the African embassies in all these cases voiced not. We did not know before we stepped in. Now you know make a wise decision. Our lives worth nothing in the face of their security personnel. Some of us may not see our families and loved ones in the years to come if still in Malaysia. Some dropped their studies prematurely and went away just to feel secured.
For those who came here in the name of job and went back home within some days will bear us witness. It is very difficult to secure a job. Once you are through you could be dismissed anytime unnoticed. They don’t just trust foreign workers. Jobs that they consider as demanding, dirty, risky, and dangerous to their lives were those given to foreigners. Examples are working in the petrol shell, shopping malls etc. Just this month, the government came out with a decision to have a zero percent of foreign workers in these areas. Hence, the companies in the mentioned areas were told to terminate the contracts of all foreign workers since the Malaysians are now ready to work. On top of that, all foreign companies in Malaysia are now required to employ only locals with narrow space for the foreigner.
In fact students here face difficulties to getting companies for their industrial training. Not because of our academic inability. We have the potential. We usually turned back to our nations if affordable for the training. Master and PhD students in most cases have no choice than to teach in the primary and Junior high schools. The lucky ones may get senior high schools which otherwise they will not have accepted if at home. Exceptional cases may lead some of them to university level.
In a nutshell, let us not again risk our lives to travel all the way from Africa to Malaysia for education or in search of jobs. Let us stay where our dignity is respected, where our minds find rest, and where our blood will not be shed just because of our color. LET’S LOVE OUR HOME COUNTRY AND WORK TOWARDS MAKING IT A BETTER DESTINATION AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEEN. STAY IN AFRICA… FOREIGN AFRICAN STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS SHOULD GO BACK TO AFRICA AFTER STUDIES TO SHARE THEIR TALENT.

All I want is unity

To a certain Ahmad,

Perhaps you have forgotten how Malaysia gained independency 51 years ago (for Peninsula Malaysia). Here listen to this song:

Oooh…here are the lyrics.

Affirmative may be justified take from one give to another
The goal is to be unified take my hand be my brother
The payment silenced the masses sanctified by oppression
Unity took a back seat sliding further into regression
One oh One the only way is One
One oh One the only way is One
I feel angry I feel helpless, wanna change the world yeah..
I feel violent I feel alone, don’t try and change my mind no..
Society blind by color why hold down one to raise another
Discrimination now on both sides seeds of hate blossom further
The world is headed for mutiny, when all we want is unity
We may rise and fall, but in the end we meet our fate together
One oh One the only way is One
One oh One the only way is One
I feel angry I feel helpless, wanna change the world yeah..
I feel violent I feel alone, don’t try and change my mind no..
I feel angry I feel helpless, wanna change the world yeah..
I feel violent I feel alone, don’t try and change my mind no..
I feel angry I feel helpless, wanna change the world yeah..
I feel violent I feel alone, don’t try and change my mind no..
I feel angry I feel helpless, wanna change the world yeah..
I feel violent I feel alone, don’t try and change my mind

And oooh…it’s a Mat Salleh song. Don’t mind me, i am only a “squatter”.

BTW, i think this year’s the national day theme is ‘Unity, the Thrust of Success’.

Same day, Same year

I’ve been neglecting this place for a long long time…too long that xes gave up messaging to say ” bitch, faster blog la” and bimbobum will say “……….” nothing. She/He can’t because she/he is just a paperbag with a smiley face.
Anyway, today is my Birthday. While i browse through my friendster list, i found that there are 2 of my friends who are having birthday on the same day as me….WOW!!! so weird. They are having birthday on the same day as me but i don’t know…
Perhaps, one of my many birthday wishes (Is one allow to wish for many birthday wishes? God scold or not) for this year will be to meet someone who is having the birthday on the same day and same year as me.

Blood donation drive @ my office

As I walked out from the men’s, I decided to drop by firm’s blood donation drive. I was planning to check the place out and thereafter get back to work immediately.
However, upon stepping in to the room, I was swarmed by some colleagues and they started persuading me donate blood.
I was quite hesitant to do it as I’ve never done it before and the purpose of my visit was not to GIVE BLOOD at all!
In the end, I gave up and screamed, “YES YOU ALL CAN POKE ME!!!”
Before donating blood, I had to fill up some documents basically declaring that I am fit to donate blood. Then I had to go through a blood test to determine my blood type. I was pricked with a small device which caused a small wound. My blood was then mixed with some sort of chemical to determine my blood type.
Ayam type A!

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Spot The Raving Blogger @ 1 Utama – 10.3.2007

So the Speedzone Spot the Raving Blogger game has finally come to an end. I must thank Mypartners for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. It was a privilege to meet some well know Malaysian bloggers such as ShaolinTiger, Suanie, Kimberlycun, kyspeaks (although we didn’t have the opportunity to talk), Timothy Tiah of, Fireangel, Thaiboxinggirl and so on. Of course, not to forget Richard Lee of (check it out!) and Penispupz.

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Porn and Door

Once upon a time, when i was still a student. There was this friend of mine, Mr. M brought his sister from US and A to say hi to everyone. So, Mr M brought her sister around the house saying hi to everybody.
Mr M: let’s go say hi to Mr. C. His room is this one.
So, they went to open the door to that room
Mr M: wah…why the door so heavy one.
M apparently used all his strength to push open the door. The door openned…BANG!!!… and it closed
Suddenly, we heard “AAAAh…YAAAAYAAA..SO GOOD..F*** ME HARDER…MMMMMM…YEAH!!!! !!!”
Both of them left the house immediately after that.
After that, We asked Mr. X what was he doing in C’s room…WATCHING PORN WITH THE VOLUME UP SO LOUD!!!
Mr X: walou…i was watching porn in C’s room. Then hor…a girl suddenly walk in. I panick la. I wanted to click the “X” button la but then i panick panick go and enlarge the screen and tune up the volume somemore!!!! WALOU…why they never knock one? Lucky i haven’t start yet.”
Everyone: *smash head* aiks.


Below is the Final clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
There are two words to watch out for in this clue. On Thursday’s The Star, 8 March 2007…..
* Flip to Page M16
* Detect article: The only one article on this page.
* 2nd Column, 3rd line
* The 1st word: Last word in the line
* The 2nd word: Put your newspapers aside, check your calendar. What’s the current year?
Now, compile all the words that you have found from the past week. Piece them together to form a phrase. Use your creativity 😉
Print the phrase on an A4 size paper and bring it to 1 Utama Starbucks (New Wing) between 2-4pm (10.3.2007). Show it to a blogger and win 2 free tickets to Speed Zone Tour 2007!

I remember when I first went to read law in UK. Everyone was so home sick for Malaysian food after a few weeks. Fortunately, there were some girls (as they then was =P) knew how to make some decent home cooked meal. Hence one day, Ms. S , Ms. C and Ms. MY invited a bunch of us over for dinner. I don’t remember what they cooked but I do remember that it was great.

After the meal since some guys came early to help prepare the food, I felt that i should do something. Therefore, i decided to help in washing up. Eating was sure easy, but washing…SUCH A HASSLE. I wash up the dishes quite quickly until i came to a pot. MAN!!! That pot was so black inside.

“Fuck la, don’t know who cook until burn the pot!!!” i cursed silently inside me.

So, i scrub, scrub and scrub for a good ten minutes. I got most of the black stuff out. Then, Mr. AN pop by.

AN: Hey, Frank. Why so slow one
Frank: malou, the pot very hard to wash la. So black inside. You see
AN: ….
Frank: You help me scrub the rest out.
AN: You should just leave it like that la
Frank: Huh? No la…later they all don’t wanna invite me over for dinner.
AN: Leave it la
Frank: Why?
AN: Because a non stick pot is suppose to be black inside la.
Frank: Fuck…quickly hide it somewhere. Don’t let them find out.
AN: too late. “THEY” already know
Frank: You don’t tell and i don’t tell. No one know wah.
AN: No, the owner of the pot will still know.
Frank: How??? Ooooh…you are gonna tell them. You wai hai sei (canto slang means useless man who usually sell of their fellow brother over favour from the woman. Real scumbag if u ask me.”
AN: No, that’s because the pot is MINE!!!
Frank: aiks…..