abused maid

Today’s newspaper headlines featured a 19 years old Indonesian lady bearing her breast to photographers. Unlike United Kingdom’s Daily Mirror’s Page 3 girls, it’s unusal to have ladies bearing their breast on newspaper here in Malaysia.. Today’s photo was an exception. It was this picture.

KUALA LUMPUR: A severely bruised and scalded maid, described by officials as the worst abuse case they have seen, has been given shelter at the Indonesian embassy here.

Nirmala Bonet just before she started work in September.
The wife of a managing director has been remanded for nine days to help police investigate the matter.

The plight of 19-year-old Nirmala Bonet came to light after a condominium guard saw her sitting and crying on a staircase, with ugly bruises all over her swollen face and bleeding from the head and mouth on Monday afternoon.

He called police, who were shocked to find that her whole body, including her breasts and back, was severely burnt and scalded.

19-year-old Nirmala Bonet showing the injures sustained over the last five months while working as a maid for a couple in Jalan Tun Razak.
They then took the girl to hospital for treatment and later to the Indonesian embassy where she was given shelter.

Nirmala, from Kupang in Nusa Tenggara Timur, came here in September last year with the hope that her parents, both farmers, would be happy and proud of her when they saw how much money she earned for them.

“When I go back, what am I going to tell my parents when they see all the scars?” she asked.

Nirmala claimed that for the last five months her employer’s wife had abused her daily, burning her with a hot iron, pouring boiling water on her and using other objects to hit her.

She said she had many opportunities to escape but did not know where or whom to seek help from.

Nirmala said the first time she was abused was when she accidentally broke a mug while washing it.

“She (employer’s wife) then threw boiling water on me.

“One day, she got upset while I was ironing. She said the clothes had not been properly ironed and slapped me.

“She took the iron out of my hand and pressed it against my breasts,” said Nirmala.

She said she would only be given medication if she asked for it and she was expected to wake up at 6am every day despite her injuries and condition.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Hadi Ho Abdullah said Nirmala was treated for her injures at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“A team of policemen from the district police headquarters detained the managing director’s wife at about 11.30am on Tuesday.

The Indonesian embassy’s head of information division, Budhi Rahardjo, and Foreign Workers Agencies Association vice-president Jeffrey Foo both said this was the worst case of maid abuse they had ever seen.

Speaking about maids, couple of years ago, we had a young Indonesian maid working for us .She’s a little bit odd though. On the first day we hired her, she didn’t know how to open our car door.

She wasn’t very helpful at all and she spent most of her time loitering around the house. Obviously, we didn’t beat her up or anything and further we gave her complete freedom. So she got to know some other foreign workers around the neighbourhood. Months later, she dated a Bangladeshi guy. Then weeks later, she eloped with the Bangladeshi guy (I swear we didn’t abuse her). Unfortunately, the Bangladeshi guy stole all her money and ran away.

Well, that’s not the end of the matter. She then met a married Malay man, had sex with him and then she bore him a child. Unfortunately again, the married man dumped her.

No idea what’s she doing now. The last time she dropped by was to ask for money to buy milk for her child..

Happy birthday to Wei Chen!


wendee & wei chen~


mahai this weihai is damn nice person ok..even tho he frm kuantan he doesnt snore damn loud as the other ppl i slept with

eh slept near by


you know what i mean la


Dim Sum Girl..

I got this from Frank..
My Dim Sum Girl… by Notorious MSG
Turn up ur speakers and Sing-a-Long

[Edit: 6.2.2007]
Yo, this song goes out to all you sexy girls who push the dim sum carts all
over the world…you know who you are, babies…you work so hard and we love
you so much….check it out yo

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile
looking so good coming down that aisle
with that sexy dress and a little dim sum
makes me crazy when I order chow fun

people – they’re telling me
that i shouldn?t bother with a lady
like you – you rock my world
yes you – my dim sum girl

watching…waiting…waiting for you baby
to tell me that I’m the guy for you and that you wanna be my lady
one day yes you will see – that I will always be
the one who will make fried rice for you for all eternity

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought i’d find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I’m going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

Why you gotta tease me, baby…
you’re driving me crazy
don’t you see…
don’t play me like that, baby – please
just give me one chance

In the morning – at noon, at night
I think about you and it feels so right
so happy – when you look my way
when i talk to you you make my day
I see the tears in your eyes
please my baby don?t you cry
tomorrow is a whole new day
let’s me and you sing karaoke

Together…forever…that?s the way it?s got to be
please make my dream come true so I can live my fantasy
oh say that you’ll be mine – you know it’s a matter of time
come eat my rice with your chopsticks and leave the spoon behind

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought I’d find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I’m going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

I don’t wanna live without you dim sum girl
take me away to your dim sum world
I want to hold you
I want to squeeze you
please say you will be mine – all mine

Hey baby you wear that dress for me?
you look great…what time you get off work, huh?
you must be so tired….let’s say you and me go get some boba tea –
what’s wrong, baby?
what’s wrong?
did I say something?
don’t leave me this way baby, no – don’t go….
you are the only one for me…please don’t break my heart like this!
no more fooling around….
I’m not a player anymore!
come back to me, baby….
come back to me…..
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Happy Birthday To Me

Last thrusday (13th May), i had a belated-birthday dinner with my friends at TGIF. Frankly, i cannot remember much of that auspicious night so please bear with me.

The dinner was good because we had pretty girls at the party.

of cause, the food was good too.

Frederick bought me, a tiramisu birthday cake (correct me if i am wrong). Thanks, Fred. You are the best.

On top of that, Frederick and Hun Chong bought me two tall glasses of Graveyards. Thank you, guys.

Then i was asked to give a birthday speech standing on the chair.

After the speech, Mindy sang the TGIF birthday song. It was really good.

Thanks, Mindy.

Please excuse me for making this entry sound like a thank you list. Thanks to the Graveyards, i don’t remember much of what happened that night except of all the lovely people who attended the dinner and the smiles on their faces that night. Thank you so much, people.

hot weather!!

The weather has been ridiculously hot lately. According to the newspaper, this would last till September. Uh..everyday I have to go out with 2 pairs of t-shirt. A spare one in case my shirt starts to smell. So couple of days ago, I was in Sunway College library for my usual revision. Boy, you can really tell that the weather is hot. The geeks and nerds in the college start to smell of bad body odour. *phEW*

Don’t you just hate it when you find your favourite tshirt to stink after a short period? Great news, I read an ingenious newspaper article regarding bad body odour. The author gave me an interesting method on how to remove the stinking smell of your clothes. Apparently, according to the article, it is caused by colonies of bacteria living on your shirt (EUW). So in order to remove the odour, first, you soak your clothes with water, then put a capful of Dettol (antiseptic) and leave it overnight. Great way idea! Will update you guys tomorrow.

sitting ghost…

Last night, Mum told me that one of her tenants is having sleeping problem. Apparently, a ghost would disturb him whenever he sleeps. The ghost would pin him down his bed and he couldn’t move at all. It happened many times hence he couldn’t get proper sleep most of the time. He even consulted a priest. According to the priest, it seems that there’s a dead body buried underneath the house (not the current house I’m living in). Mum didn’t know what to do about it hence she consulted me. However, all I said was to leave them alone. I heard the guy got himself a huge talisman.

I experienced this phenomenon twice. The first time was pretty timed. I woke up feeling immobilized and immediately went back to sleep. However, the second time was hellish. I woke up feeling immobilized. It was pretty scary as I can’t scream or move!

A friend of mine had something worst. There was once he woke up feeling immolized. Then suddenly, he felt a hand moving from the end of the bed towards him. The hand slides slowly on the bedsheet towards him.

According to Chinese belief, whenever someone wakes up feeling immobilized, that means a ghost is pinning you down. However, it seems that there is a scienfitic explanation for this. It has something to do with the way you sleep.

Do you have similiar experiences? 😀

Ahh..thanks to gguni, the mystery is solved..
Source http://www.stanford.edu/~dement/paralysis.html

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis consists of a period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset (called hypnogogic or predormital form) or upon awakening (called hypnopompic or postdormtal form).

Sleep paralysis may also be referred to as isolated sleep paralysis, familial sleep paralysis, hynogogic or hypnopompic paralysis, predormital or postdormital paralysis

What are the symptoms?
– A complaint of inability to move the trunk or limbs at sleep onset or upon awakening
– Presence of brief episodes of partial or complete skeletal muscle paralysis
– Episodes can be associated with hypnagogic hallucinations or dream-like mentation (act or use of the brain)

Is it harmful?
Sleep paralysis is most often associated with narcolepsy, a neurological condition in which the person has uncontrollable naps. However, there are many people who experience sleep paralysis without having signs of narcolepsy. Sometimes it runs in families. There is no known explanation why some people experience this paralysis. It is not harmful, although most people report feeling very afraid because they do not know what is happening, and within minutes they gradually or abruptly are able to move again; the episode is often terminated by a sound or a touch on the body.

In some cases, when hypnogogic hallucinations are present, people feel that someone is in the room with them, some experience the feeling that someone or something is sitting on their chest and they feel impending death and suffocation. That has been called the “Hag Phenomena” and has been happening to people over the centuries. These things cause people much anxiety and terror, but there is no physical harm.

Ferry Corsten

I finally went to Zouk. Nice place, huge dance floor and great air condition. Further, no stupid long queues. Toilets were clean too ^_^

Ferry Corsten was good. He played an uplifting trance set which was danceable. However, what pisses me off is that, there were rumours of raid flying around. Apparently, another club, Atmosphere was raided by police hence the news spread over to Zouk. It?s kinda scary when you see a bunch of people rushing out from the club. Fortunately, there was no raid. The set lasted till 3AM.

However, most of us didn?t dare to go back inside as we were afraid that we?ll be locked in. We spent the remaining 45 minutes outside the club. God damn it.

Pictures from Don!

I gotta put this picture.

Medium size Ben (formally known as Big Ben but degraded to Medium size after losing 22KG) and Me.

More @ http://photos.yahoo.com/kakulalas

Melbourne Shuffle and gmail

I have a blogger account but I can’t register a gmail account there!! How do I fucking register a fucking gmail account??
My bloody 10MB hotmail account will be terminated next month. I can’t renew it cause they don’t fucking accept Malaysia Credit Card. ARGHHH HOOWW??

Frank’s birthday
Frank’s birthday was great. Frederick and HC bought him 2 tall glasses of Graveyard (power shit). He finished it in no time. Initially he was fine, talking normally. Then few minutes later, he spoke loudly and made some funny comments. No doubt he was fucked!! No one can withhold the power of Graveyard!!

Unfortunately, we had no eggs throwing ceremony this year. Initially we wanted to hire an escort girl for him. Too bad it didn’t work out. Imagine we got him a super duper voluptuous lady to spend the night with him..Ahh..and the next best thing would be…finding out that the voluptuous girl he slept with was a transsexual.

Anyway, more mails enquiring about Melbourne Shuffle!

hey dude,
gr8 video footage of the melb shuff…first time i saw the dance done i fell in luv…is there any chance u mite be able to post more video of ppl doin the shuffle on ur site? if i could afford or get my hands on a camcorder id take some footage myself but im struggling to do so…even if u hav some footage on ur PC that u dun reckon is good enuf for ppl to download, id luv to hav a look, thanx mate…keep up the good work!


This one is really interesting


*you don’t know me but please read before you delete*

I often go to big houseparties in Holland and Germany for quite a couple of
years now.

In Germany I found that people were dancing very differently from what we are
used to in Holland.

So I started looking on forums to find anything about this new way of dancing. (
this was about a year ago )

Eventually, I ended up at inthemix.com and ofcourse your site. I was amazed by
the fact that this dance originated from Melbourne, since I first saw it in
Germany. ( is this true, or is it just Melbourne that claimes the dance, no
offence! )

Anyway I really enjoyed watching the video’s and I actually start to get the
shuffle going.

The reason why I am mailing you right now is because I read your page gets quite
some hits.

I found two German websites on the melbourne shuffle ( although it is never
mentioned by that name ). Here are the links:


The first one requires you the create an account in order to download the
video’s. But there are quite a lot of them and people continue to upoad stuff.
They film thereselfs in their rooms, at clubs, housparties, shoppingmalls,
train… you name it. Some are good, others are really bad. You won’t believe it
but even your video is on their website 🙂 your famous man!

I thought you might wanted to put these links on your website so that more
people can find out about the Melbourne shuffle.

I would really appreciate it if you would email me if you find anything new on
the shuffle.

Let’s get the whole world shuffling!


Kris from The Netherlands

Another great shuffling video by Gwizz http://members.dodo.net.au/ataxia/G.Wizz_Shuffling%20001.wmv (Right click to save)



To those who didn’t know (especially Sheffield Uni mates), we’ll be celebrating it tomorrow at TGIF, Subang Jaya at 730PM.
Last year, 5 guys pelted him with eggs. He was pissed at us for dirtying his favourite jacket.
2 years ago, 20 guys pelted him with eggs and flour. It wasn’t the end though, after his shower, another bunch threw flour at him. I heard they even threw the pot at his face.

Hope nothing happens this year… hehehe


Genting (mountain top resort. Cool air. Excellent place. Imagine shuffling under the rain..)
FIRST WORLD OUTDOOR (ohh my god outdoor!!)

Samuel L (UK) (Who??)
Thomas Krome (Sweden) (Who??? Dont know..)

Pre-Sale (RM50 + 1 Drink) (El-Cheapo!!)
Door (RM65 + 1 Drink)


Canny 0ng

The man now on trial in the High Court for the rape and grisly murder of Canny Ong confessed that he killed her by stabbing her twice in the stomach and leaving her to bleed to death in a manhole.

The 10-page confession, made by Ahmad Najib Aris to a magistrate on June 21 last year, one day after his arrest, was read out in the High Court yesterday, and has been accepted as evidence.

Ahmad Najib’s 10-page confession was read out in the High Court after it was accepted as evidence by the presiding judge.

The 29-year-old aircraft cabin cleaner supervisor is accused of raping and murdering Canny at the 11th km Old Klang Road between 1am and 5am on June 14 last year.

Translation of Ahmad Najib Aris’ confession as taken down by the then magistrate Muhamad Rushdan Mohamad (Long text, but recommended read, if too lazy just read the bold letters)

Ahmad Najib and Canny Ong

IT WAS about 11pm to 11.15pm on Friday, June 13, 2003. I had gone to the Bangsar Shopping Complex to seek someone whom I had wanted to take revenge on.

Once I reached there, I walked from the first to the third floor. At about 11.30pm, on the second floor, I bumped into the person whom I suspected was the one I was looking for.

I tailed the Chinese woman for about 20m while she was heading to her Proton Tiara. She opened the door next to the driver?s seat and took something from the front passenger seat.

I pushed her and she fell onto the seat. I entered the car and sat on the driver?s seat and verbally threatened her to be quiet.

She was trembling with fear but obeyed my instructions. I drove the car from the second to the first floor and through the parking boom bar and headed towards Subang airport near Saujana.

I stopped the car at a bright spot where many cars were passing.

I struck a conversation with her and tried to refresh her memory to find out if she could remember me. She told me she did not know me.

I then checked her passport and found out that she was residing in America. I became confused as I had abducted the wrong person, but who looked very much like my target.

I talked with her with the intention of letting her go, but a motorcyclist came near our car and started knocking at the door.

The Indian man flashed his so-called authority card and ordered me to hand over my identity card and that of the woman.

I asked him to show me his authority card again so that I could see it clearly. When he refused, it struck me that he might be an impostor.

When he ordered us to get out of the car, I feared something might happen, and when I asked the man to return the identity cards, he refused, and I drove off.

Before I drove away, the Indian man managed to puncture the front right tyre of the car. I drove towards Subang Jaya with the woman. I stopped at Subang Jaya Shopping Complex and got out of the car to find that the tyre was punctured.

I continued towards Sunway Pyramid and finally parked the car at a construction site near the Taman Datuk Harun KTM Komuter station where the woman and I had a quarrel. At that moment, I felt that our relationship was like that of close friends.

We sat in the car for about five minutes before I jokingly asked her if she wanted to have sex with me. She became very quiet. I then took a knife out from below my seat and put it on the speedometer without making any threats against her.

She then agreed to have sex with me. I told her to climb over to the back seat and I followed.

We engaged in a sexual relationship which I thought was with the woman?s consent because she did not cry or show her anger. But shortly after having sex with her, I felt scared. I reached for the knife that I had placed on my foot. It was not my intention to stab her. She was wiping her lips with a piece of tissue paper and suddenly put up a struggle. I got a shock and stabbed her twice in the stomach.

I was stunned. I realised that she was still alive. Suddenly, I saw a man with a piece of wood in his hand coming towards the car. I climbed back to the driver?s seat and drove to another spot nearby. There I helped the woman put on her pants and blouse.

I told her not to move a lot because she was bleeding profusely. We spent 20 minutes in the car. Fearing that I would be spotted by passing patrol cars, I carried the woman to a barricade next to the car. The (height of the) barricade reached me above my chest.

I placed her on top of the barricade and I sat resting with her. She was still alive then, and I told her that I planned to send her to a hospital.

Before I went back to the car, I tied her hands and feet and gagged her mouth so that she could not move or scream.

Just before that, I saw a van and a red car stopping beside the Tiara. I leapt into a manhole and peeped at the two men while they ransacked the Tiara.

About five to seven minutes later, the two men drove their vehicles away and I went to the Tiara. I saw that they had taken the woman?s belongings such as her handphone and handbag, in which I suspected all her valuables were kept.

I was disappointed as I had intended to use her money to send her to the hospital.

Now, without the money, I could only keep her company where she was lying. I could not do anything except ask for her forgiveness.

I told her to go to heaven and pulled her down from the wall (barricade). She was almost lifeless (nyawa-nyawa ikan) by the time I shoved her into the manhole.

Before leaving her, I held her hand and apologised again. I told her I would burn her remains. She stared at me and just then the cloth which gagged her mouth came off. She told me to leave her alone. She said she would rather be left there as she was going to heaven.

I left her and covered the hole with a plank. She did not show any reaction. She did not scream or struggle.

I then drove the car about three kilometres and hid the car there. I walked towards a petrol station and threw the knife away.

I stopped a taxi and went home to Pantai Dalam. It was already about 6am to 6.10am on Saturday.

The next day, I bought two bottles of petrol and at about 11.30pm to midnight, I returned to the spot and removed the plank covering the manhole. I wept. I held her legs and hands and asked to be forgiven. I then sought permission to burn the corpse before leaving the scene.

My opinion
Ahmad Najib is charged under s302 of the Penal Code which carries a mandatory death sentence if convicted. Hence in order for Ahmad Najib to be convicted the prosecution must prove that Ahmad Najib intentionally killed or cause grievous bodily harm over Canny Ong. However,

I reached for the knife that I had placed on my foot. It was not my intention to stab her. She was wiping her lips with a piece of tissue paper and suddenly put up a struggle. I got a shock and stabbed her twice in the stomach.

Based on the confession above, Ahmad Najib claimed that he had no intention to kill her and acted on self defence. Therefore, if his confession were to be taken as it is, Ahmad Najib would only be guilty of manslaughter which only carries a maximum imprisonment of 20 years (s304A) or 10 years imprisonment (s304B).

I guess the public’s opinion is to impose death sentence for such inhuman act. However, the law does not provide for death sentence over manslaughter. Hence, don’t be surprised if you see Ahmad Najib being sentence to jail rather than being hung for it

[Edit: Ahmad Najib’s death sentence was upheld in the Federal Court. See grounds of judgement here]