Clubbing in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to know about tops clubs in Kuala Lumpur, here’s a good article written by Jimmie Wing. I got this from ivN

Unfortunately, the author left out some negative aspect of those clubs. I think it would be better if I include them here.


Singapore attempt to influence the dance culture of Malaysia. Photography is strictly prohibited. Anyone who attempts to take pictures after being warned will be kicked out.

Plays a mixture of progressive house, breakbeats, trance etc. Look out for the hot cigarette girls.


Top club filled with young clubbers. Plays a mixture of progressive house, breakbeats and trance. Melbourne shufflers and robot shufflers are abundant here.

However, be aware of drunk blokes who pick fights or alcohol overdosed young ladies who pukes all over the place.


Formally known and fondly known as Emporium. It was once the most popular club in Malaysia but now it has lost its magic due to the advent of new clubs.

Beach Club
Next to Espanda. Foreigner’s (especially white men) favourite night spot. Beware of terrorist attack.


Well known for its smelly cushions.

Warp Dance Club

Crowd is predominantly Chinese with triads background. Do not attempt to pick up girls. Any attempt would result in you being publicly assaulted.

Excellent sound system. Plays hard thumping Canto dance music. Patron’s favourite dance is fengtau (shake head).


It’s a gay club. If you’re straight, dont bother.

Anyone has more to add? 😀

the world needs me!!!

not ME, per se. as in peace, love, joy, harmony, & above all, brains. whilst i was driving to ikea/ikano today, i’ve managed to land myself moronic acquaintances on the road. it’s true what they say – some malaysians are truly idiotic when it comes to road rules/safety driving. so PLEASE, okay?

* hello ferarri-red x-trail. i know you’re big. you’ve got the size, you’ve got the height, you’ve got the wheels,’ve even got the ego. but MUST YOU take up BOTH lanes on the highway whilst travelling @ less than 40km/h to get where you’re going? HELLOOOOOOOOOOO?!

* how do you do, neon yellow proton satria? your colour stands out, so does your very badly tinted windows, plus your watermelon-sized exhaust, & the low hoarse hmm-maybe-my-car-is-broken rumbling from your lil baby of a car. you don’t HAVE to tail my lil silver baby’s ass in such manner…ESPECIALLY WHEN I’M ALREADY DRIVING ON THE SLOW LANE! …moron *makes a face*

* oh sorry, i didn’t see you, big-truck-that-refuses-to-stop-swerving-in-&-out-of-lanes. you’re on a job, you’re transporting goods. some probably fragile & undoubtedly breakable. others probably highly expensive. so SAVE your ass [or the goods’] first before you decide you want to dance a lil heavyweight ballet on the roads of m’sia. danks ar. urgh o.O

venting done :o) just my two cents ;o)


BBQ @ HHH’s place

Getting into HHH’s apartment was one hell of an adventure. It involved many turnings and landmarks. Giving direction to someone on the phone is another thing. If I were HH, I would have burst out in anger.

The food was great. Thanks to the master chefs, you know who you are. Booze was abundant. I think we had about 6 – 7 bottles of liquor. By the end the night, it was all gone.

CLP referral papers

CLP referral papers are tomorrow. This would be the last chance for those who obtain a conditional pass. If we fail this time, we would have to wait till next year.

I bumped into an former CLP classmate in the library today. She didn’t sit for the exams because she was having problems with the formal requirements. It has been a while since I saw her. She joined us for rock climbing couple of times.

She: So what’s your number?

Me: 013-xxx-xxxx

She: Ok, thanks, I’ll give you a miss call now.

*bbzzz* *bbzzz*

Me: eum, how do you spell your name?

She: You don’t remember my name don’t you?

Me: Err….¦ la. hehe

She: It’s an old trick, I knew it!!!

Me: …..

/me hangs head in shame. .

Anyway, wish Frank and I luck tomorrow!

Random City Shuffle Gathering

Hayden @ said:

    That’s right people, I am organizing a random shuffle event this weekend. It’s not a party or rave, it is just me and some friends doing some shuffle in the middle of the city! I am sick of the Australian mentality to bully or alienate anyone who stands out. I will not tolerate anyone who wants to come along just to give crap to others for how they dance.

    I have been inspired by the groups of break dancers who just setup and have a dance with mates for fun. I want to generate a positive culture and group of shufflers who are like minded and can share the same enthusiasm for the dance we love to do.

    We gona take down some CDs, a speaker and an amp and just shuffle for the fun of it. We will also get some photos and lots of videos for you.

    I only want to invite people who will actually shuffle and have no problem with performing in the middle of the city and have everyone look at them. I just want happy people who encourage each other and not give shit or be negative. It’s just a bit of fun with friends who like to dance. Just like break dancers go and practice dance together for fun.

    All are welcome, but only if you will wear your phat pants and have fun!

    PM me for the time and location.

Anyway, I’m selling off some of my Great Britain Machin stamps here @ ebay. If you’re interested please bid!

Stamp Exhibition @ Sub3ng Parade

Last week, eraine and I went for the Stamp Exhibition at Sub3ng Parade Shopping Centre.

I drooled from the beginning until the end. I spent a sinful RM50 on them!!

Two young newspaper reporters approached us for a photo. One of the reporters tried interviewing us in Mandarin.

Girl: *said something in Mandarin to eraine*
eraine conveniently said, “wo bu hui chiang hu yu“. That means, “I cant speak Mandarin”

Obviously shocked, the girl had no choice but to interview me. She asked me what kind of stamps I bought. I could not think of the proper words for it (my Mandarin is bad). Hence, I said, “sher mok tou mai!!” (I buy whatever there is!!).

They then made us pose with the newly launched stamps on our hands. If you see us on Sin Chew Jit Poh, those weren’t our stamps!!

I think the obvious reason why the reporters approached is that we were the ‘young’ patrons there. Other patrols were either too old or too young (primary school kids).

I overhead a conversation by 2 men.

Men 1: Why are only primary school kids here? What happen to the secondary school kids?
Men 2: I think those kids are in the cinema or doing something “cool”

How true, eraine and I were the only young adults there.

Rich Monk

This monk by the name of Shen Ming claims that he can give you the winning lottery numbers.

A closer look:-

I wonder what he will do with all the Ang Pau money that he received from 4D fans.
Will he travel to an island where no one knows him to chill out?

All he wants to do is to spent it on his favourite game

Regenerate @ Sepang

Based 50 kilometres away from the city centre, the rave had its ample share of space, plenty of room to dance and mediocre sound system.

Music was a little bit crappy in the beginning. It gradually became better as soon as Christopher Lawrence hit the decks.

Shout outs to those who came up to me regarding my website. Nice meeting you guys!

However, someone mistaken ivN for me. I think he even took a picture with him! Anyway, nice meeting you dude!

The rave ended at 5AM, not 3AM as provided in the klue forum. Anne Savage’s hard pumping hard house was good. However, by then, everyone has either left or too tired to dance. There were rumours flying around that police were blockading the roads for urine test and random urine test at the toilets. Some of my friends had to hold their piss for hours!

Ok, let the pictures speak for itself. (I decided to be a copycat and follow Joyce & yishy‘s designs 😀 Theirs are obviously 9999x better. credits to them :D)

Shuffling videos were impossible as the venue was too dark. However, here are 2 not-so-interesting videos.
Anne Savage & Tabla Maniam

More pics can be seen @ eraine‘s and ivN‘s website.