Stamp exhibition

Dad came back from Thailand today. He got me some marvelous stamps. They wereee soooooooo OooOoooOooh..okay i should say that word. hehe

mmmmmmmmMMmmmMMMmmmmmmmm..but brantosaurus on a Thai Stamp? I didnt know dinasours exist in Thailand..

Couple of days ago, I went to check out the Philatelic department @ the Kuala Lumpur Post Office HQ.

and bought these,

Then I saw this,

I don’t know whether he’s still alive. But I smelled piss while walking past him.

To those who are interested, there’s a stamp exhibition tomorrow.

9TH- 15TH OCTOBER 2004

More info @


Middle Kingdom – presents *FRESH ’04* an Oriental Party

Sheffields largest & best oriental party! Playing the Freshest tunes in R&B and Hip Hop!

when? Tuesday 12th of October


price? £6 advance NUS (buy 5 get ONE free) // Non-NUS £10 // VIP £10 (limited places)

where can i get tickets? MICHAEL (

how can you contact michael? or leave a msg on his homepage

more info about the nite:


Last week @ Ming Tien food court.

ivN: I feel like eating ‘oh chian’ (fried omellete with oyster). Melhai order for me!!

Melvin: fuck you, order yourselff!!

ivN: pls pls plsss laa

Melvin: okok!!

Then the omellete came…

Everybody: Why is it so soggy??

Melvin: dont care la, eat only

Everybody pigs in.

*yum yum yum*

Ehh… Why are the oysters so bloated up?



Me: *phew* thank god I didnt eat any oysters.

Sam: I had 2!!

ivN: I had 4!! SHIT!!!!

Regenerate @ Sepang 04 flyer

Well sorry for the dull posts lately. Frank and I ran out of things to post and my other guestbloggers were mmm.. missing in action. So here’s a little update on the next nightlife event.

Next rave this Saturday!

Sepang International Circuit, Jln. Pekeliling, KLIA, Selangor.

Regenerate returns to break sound barriers with another spectacular outdoor party. Lasers slice through tarmac and pyrotechnics take over the stage as DJs The Scumfrog, Donald Glaude, Christopher Lawrence, hard as nails Anne Savage, and local favourites DJs Roxy, Ben Katana and Eugene drive the wheels of steel round the bends in a whirlwind round of racing progressive, hard house, funky techno and breaks numbers. You’ll be moving at speed ’til the chequered flag.

7pm. RM30 inc. 1 drink, MotoGP ticket holders RM20. Free entry for 1st 300.

Tickets available from 1st Oct at Espanda, Nouvo, Q-bar and Beach Club.

For info, call the Ticket Hotline at 2072 9443. or call 012-2579569 @
0162448424 for more info!

Info from KLUE website
1. Event begins at 7pm and will end at 3am (WHAT??? 3AM???). We don’t want to break any rules.

2. Please do not pay any car park charges to any person. We are providing FREE parking services. Please do not keep any valaubles in the car. There will be security but we are not responsible for any damages and breakins etc.

3. Please dress in comfort, this is in the outdoor go kart circuit. Its situated in the valley and it can get warm and humid. We have mist fans.

4. The dance floor is split in too areas, tarmac & the grass area. So heels might be bad for ladies. Its a race track. If injured there is ambulance on site.

5. Credit card is not excepted on site. Please have enough cash.

6. Beverage will be controled. Beer at RM10 and Mineral Water at RM5.

7. There will be food sold on site. If you are hungry.

No way that I’ll head down there at 6PM to line up for the free tickets. But if you’re planning to do so, here’s a useful suggestion, after get the tickets, drive down to Port Dickson or Seremban for dinner 😀 Great idea from Johnson 😀


Lately, when I close my eyes, I see…


They’re everywhere!!

But the sight of them lined up neatly on my stamp book and the colours of it, is just too orgasmic!!

I have been on a stamps shopping spree lately. Stamp collecting has always been one of children’s favourite hobbies. However, most people lose interest in it when they grew older. I on the other hand, restarted my passion when I was in England.

Some people might find this hobby childish but it is a worldly recognised hobby, post offices around the world has a department dedicated to philately! Well at least this is a legitimate hobby. A friend of mine collects different kind of ecstasy pills he could get. I wonder if he is still around, hope he is not on the death row.

I saw the news on the oldest postcard in the world, it was first used in 1840 and it is now worth 20,000 pounds!

If you have any unwanted stamps collection and wishes to dispose them off, please give it to me!! I’ll trade it with eumm.. my collection of Melbourne Shuffle videos. Anyone?

New stamps that i bought.

Lord of the Rings stamps from New Zealand..OOOOOOoOOooohhhhhh

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation OOOOOOhhHHHhHHHhhhhh orgasmicc…


Couple of months ago, my colleague mentioned a plant by the name “man chou” in another words, mosquito repelling plant. I was immediately interested with it as my house is mosquito infested. Further, my neighbour’s garden is a bloody mini jungle.

So today, I bought the so-called mosquito repellent plant from a nursery. It has a strong distinctive smell, which I think that will repel the mosquitoes.

I did a little research on the internet and found a website, which rebuts the myth that the plant doesn’t work as a mosquito repellent. However, after hearing stories about how her uncle successfully repelled all the mosquitoes at his house, I was convinced. Further, i heard that Singapore Night Safari breed these plants in order to ward off mosquitoes.

It’s better to have few plants around the around. My colleague said that we could grow them easily by cutting off the stem and plant it on another pot. Will update as soon as I see the results!

Btw…mmmmm… I wonder if i could smoke it..hmmmm…

Read more about Geraniums



Q&A on Sarawak

I got this Q&A on Sarawak from my sister. Sarawak is one of the 13 State that made up Federation of Malaysia. It is located on the Island of Borneo and is better known as East Malaysia together with Sabah. It has some very interesting facts that might enlighten up my fellow Malaysian on this “backward, and mysterious” state.

Q&A on Sarawak

1. Hey, u s’wak people live in trees ah?
YES, we have elevators too…they’re really an engineering feat cos its not ez to fit an elevator into a tree

2. U guys got electric isit?
Yes…but since cost of transmission is too high due to the geographic barriers..we use independent solar panels and mini turbines scattered all around, they are exactly 30,000 of them!!

3. Over there got wat car?
We ride wild boar. When the plane arrive at the airport, we take our wild boar and ride it all the way to our tree house.

4. Got road mer?
no jus jungle trails and a few roads around town

5. U bidayuh from Sulawesi there ha?
yes we are head hunters. human brain is the best food…

6. S’wak is inside Sabah right?
No, were one state u idiot..sabah is a town in swak

7. Eh?%3


Are you thinking of getting a tattoo and you don’t like to have animal, insects,gothic symbols, or dumb japanese or chinese characters that you cannot understand. Try this:-

If you think it is cool, print it out and get it done at the nearest tattoo master in your town.