Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

To all lovely couples out there, enjoy being slaughted by opportunist. However, a homecook meal or homemade gift would definately make V day even more special.
To all single people out there, don’t feel bad if you dont have a date. Your time will come. Think of all those poor guys who have to pay few hundred dollars for a crummy meal.
V day must also be celebrated with music. Music will light up the atmosphere and make you remember the V day you had when that particular music is played again.
To those suffering from a heartbreak, listen to 4PM – Sukiyaki, it would make you feel like jumping off a building.
The song Sukiyaki was originally sang by a Japanese singer by the name Kyu Sakamoto.
He was born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture. His most popular song, “Ue o muite aruko” (I Look Up When I Walk; Sukiyaki in the West)was a hit in Japan and topped the Billboard pop charts in the United States in 1963 where it was called “Sukiyaki.” Western DJs needed a song title that was at once easily pronounceable and associated with Japan. So, “Sukiyaki” was it, even though the word is not mentioned in the song.
In 1985, Sakamoto was killed in the crash of Japan Airlines flight 123.
In 16 March 1999, Japan Post issued a stamp commemorating the song ‘Ue o muite arukou’.


Chinese New Year Day 2

Since Jane’s in town, I decided to bring her to our infamous Chinatown.

Surprisingly, loads of shop were open. However, the street wasn’t packed at all.

Behind certain stalls along Petaling Street, there lies a small corner for mineral and crystal trade. It has been there for many years. I remember Mum used to bring me there to check our some crystals.

Jane wanted to get something for her Mum, so we ended up at a stall.

The stall owner immediately lifted a necklace for us to see.

“How much?”, I asked.

“RM90”, he replied.

I was O_O

“Any discount?”

“Sure, I give you RM80!”, he replied again.

Once again, I was O_O. I could get a better one from a shopping centre!
Thank god Jane didnt want it.

Then we proceeded to other stalls. Jane saw a small handbag. It’s just a bag with black and white pictures of old
Hollywood celebrities.

“How much?”, I asked.

“RM150”, the stall keeper replied.

This time, I was.


“eh, Can you please give me local’s price ah? Not guai lou‘s (westerner’s) price!”

She immediately said, “eh, it’s damn cheap already you know. If guai lou ask, I’ll tell them RM250. It’s the only stall that sells this kind of bag here!”

Just as much I wanted to reply, “eh please, I rather get Jane to buy a MNG bag than your bag”, Jane said she doesn’t want the bag anymore.

We left Petaling Street empty handed.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese visitors, except the gender confused reader daniel aka winnie. hehe
Since 1996, Christmas Island issue animals of the Chinese zodiac every year. This year would be the Rooster year.
In Chinese tradition, the rooster is admired as courageous and beneficent, and symbolises reliability, never failing to announce the arrival of a new day. Rooster years were 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005.
Those born in the year of the Rooster are usually good looking and well-dressed. Appearance and status are important to them. Roosters are clever and conscientious in fulfilling their duties. They are talented in organisational work and manage money well. Although good at tackling problems and completing assignments, they are unlikely to be innovators.
Whilst generally kind, rooster people can be critical, frank and insensitive, and may refuse to admit they are wrong. Roosters make excellent actors. In a happy mood they are likely to be the centre of attention. While male roosters tend to be boastful, females are more modest, patient and kind, and do well in any social work.

Christmas Island Lunar New Year 2005
Source: http://www.auspost.com.au/philatelic/stamps/stampshop_2.asp?pid=699432416&product_type=8&category_id=416&product_id=2263

Rock Climbing @ Batu Caves II

Guy, Mikey, gMing, Ping, Wai Keong, Yong Lin, Cris, G-wan and I made another outdoor climbing trip to Batu Caves.

This time we headed to Red Wall, which is nearby Gua Damai. Red Wall is just a small rope-topping wall. We had to climb through bushes and trees to get to that place. Further, before we got there, a bunch of monkeys were having hanging out there. They ran after seeing us.

This time round, there were no mosquitoes or fleas. Flies were abundant though.

We started off with an easy route. Everyone managed to clear it. Pet Pet Lin struggled for a while but in the end, he finished it. Bravo!

Then we proceeded to another route, which was about 30 metres high. It was bloody tough. Out of the 9 people who tried, only 2 made it to the top. Further, the wall isn’t entirely flat. There are loads of boulders around. Hence, whenever we fall, we would end up swinging out from the wall. It was pretty exciting though. We could see a good view of the area. However, once the rope pulls us back to the wall, we would end up crashing into a tree.

Another thing worth nothing is that the villagers around Batu Caves are friendly. One of the villagers was happy to let Wai Keong to use their toilet. However, Wai Keong felt uneasy cause the toilet has many holes around the wall. I hope I don’t see Wai Keong’s face in any toilet fetish VCDs. Then, when we were about to leave, a bunch of Malay girls greeted us with, “Gong Xi Fa Cai!!” (A greeting for Chinese New Year). Hon San replied, “Sayanggg Sayanggggggg” (Darling… Darlingg). The Malay girls giggled non stop.

We ended the day with juicy mushroom Swiss double cheese burger…oOoohhhh.. orgasmic…

Doraemon’s ending

Doraemon [1] (http://www.k.hosei.ac.jp/~h01d8188/wall0201s.gif) (ドラえもん) by Fujiko F. Fujio (藤子・F・不二雄) is a Japanese manga about a robotic cat from the future who has travelled back in time to aid the thoroughly hapless Nobita Nobi in order that his descendants reap the benefits of Nobita’s success one day rather than be burdened by the considerable financial debts which his incompetence has led them to suffer in the original timeline.
Doraemon’s ending…Spoiler Warning!

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So u wanna have fried chicken for dinner….

Remember when the bird flu swept through Asia and the government have to eliminate all the chicken? But, how come all the restaurant still serve chicken? Could the chicken be…

You might say, “Cannot be, wah. The fried chicken looks like chicken and it taste like one too. Cannot be…”

Behold, The making of Fried Mousy that looks like chicken

Firstly, trap and catches a few mice. Shave off all their fur just like this

Secondly, washes them thoroughly, preferably with soap.

If you can, you should sterilise them as well

after all the washing and sterilising, they should look as white as a white radish.

Cut them up nicely

Marinate them and leave it for awhile.

Deep fry them when u think it is ready.

This is what it will look like when it is done…yum yum…so juicy