2007 Calendar

As 2007 approaches, my faithful Doraemon calendar in my office will be retiring to the shelves. A new 2007 calendar will be taking over Doraemon’s place.

In view of the upcoming festive seasons, one of my firm’s clients, who is involved in the lingerie business, sent me a Christmas card with a copy of their 2007 calendar full of girls in lingerie.

*nose bleed*

10 thoughts on “2007 Calendar”

  1. #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not fair la..guys have girls in sexy sexy undies..
    y no guys in speedos one??

  2. I got plenty of bikini girl calendar given by clients too… but cheapskate one. Very cheapskate. Its like a template…. where you can get a few companies giving the same calendar.. just with different company logo.

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