Restaurant Yong Len @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

The letter “G” fell off 😛
We had breakfast at Restaurant Yong Len for breakfast before heading to Damai to climb. Yong Len has been around ever since I was in primary school. Throughout the years, the only stall that still lives in my mind is their prawn noodles stall. I remember it being so spicy until I couldn’t finish it.
15 years or more later, on a Sunday morning, I tried the prawn noodles again. It didn’t taste as spicy as it did 15 years ago. Probably my taste bud has developed an immunity to spicy food. Of course, it tasted good. The kangkung was soft and the chicken meat was thinly sliced. The boss was also quite generous with their soup. I asked for a refill and she obliged without hesitation.

Other than prawn noodles, there’s one stall selling Nyonya kuih and other Chinese pastries. We bought a box of ang ku and some other miscellaneous kuih as snacks for our climbing session. The ang ku is not bad but its a little bit too oily. Nevertheless, it’s one of the rare places where you can find people selling Nyonya Kuih.

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Climbing @ Damai + Camp 5

In view that our climbing trip @ Krabi is just less than 2 weeks away, Anna, Edmund, Ping and I headed to Gua Damai, Batu Caves to refresh our memory on the safety procedures. Gua Damai was packed with climbers and we had problem selecting routes as most of the routes were occupied.

Wow, I didn’t know you can actually book the entire Gua Damai..



Guess what is this?

But we brought some kuih along and even set up a hammock to entertain ourselves.

Gua Damai also got guai lou..not bad, we’re turning into a mini Krabi!


GG-ed finger again.

After climbing 2 routes, it started to rain. Everyone ran helter-skelter. We had no choice but to adjourn our climbing session to Camp 5.

And we did more than climbing there..

Edmund = 60kgs ++

Anna = 48Kgs

Ping training to lift Anna up..

Upcoming Events

This year Malaysia will witness and feel the power vibes of SMARTIE PARTIE. Trace Harris, the founder and percussionist of Smartie Partie, will be here with 4 of SP’s family top DJs: DJ Alex Miles, DJ Lisa German, DJ Matty Wells and DJ Ramone and SP Dancers: Emma, Karleen, Jodie and Kirstie.
Get ready for 2 nights of serious partying!
Date: 19th & 20th December 2008 (Friday & Saturday)
Early Bird ticket price (1st till 20th November) – RM 76 (one day) / RM 104 (both days)
Pre-Sale ticket price (21st November till 18th December) – RM 95 (one day) / RM 130 (both days)
Door sale on the event day – RM120 (one day)
[Note: Just to show how the event will be like]

And for those in Miri (great place to party!)…

P/S I wonder who is the girl showing off her butt in the picture…Irene? Is that you?

I Dance Campaign 2008

I seriously wonder what the hell is wrong with some old people who thinks dance events does not benefit the society. First they banned yoga for Muslims and now dance competition?
Recently, some chaps organised a dance competition by the name “I Dance” in Penang.

Then some old people from a political party complaint against a dance event. Here’s an extract of what the fellow said:

    Its chief, Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin, said the ‘I-Dance’ event supported by the state youth and sports committee at the New World Park not only gave rise to street culture through shuffle dancing but also increased social problems among the younger generation.

I’m quite surprised that the word “shuffling” was mentioned. But the whole bloody dance competition has more than shuffling. Maybe these old people were influenced by some pictures they see on the newspaper. For example..

Sasau Maximum Picture @ Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part II

Another Sasau maximum picture @ Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part III
Anyway, the group of old people and some other people gathered to sort out this mess. They decided that male Muslim participants must be segregated from the female dancers. I wonder why the crap did they even bother talking to those old people on this matter. If they want a dance event, just organised it so long they got license for it. Now my Muslim male friends would need to dance with other male friends.
It’s going to be a bloody sausage party.
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Upcoming Event – Massive

A little update on the upcoming event which claimed to be the biggest outdoor street party.

Venue : TR1 Hall , PWTC Kuala Lumpur Cap Square Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 20th December 2008
Time : 6pm till late. ( around 3am )
Dress Code : Black & White
Ticket :
VIP : RM100.00 (Sold out!)
Pre-Sales : RM75.00
Doorsales : RM95.00
Available purchase only at nearest Ticket Pro, Rock Corner from 27th October onwards.
* Available now :
Limited Edition RM69 VIP Pre-Sale till end of October (Contact Cherrish @ Phone: 0126638864 | Email/MSN:

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My Birthday 2008

Unlike my birthday for the past few years, I didn’t compile a list of birthday wishes that I received. September was a really hectic month.
I always have this perception that the amount of birthday wishes I received is a indication of how I have been as a friend to my friends. The more wishes I receive, the better friend I’ve been. With the amount of wishes I receive this year, I think this year I haven’t been a very good friend! My apologies!
I think it’s a little bit too late to compile a list, but I think it would be nice to highlight one special message I receive from a guy friend of mine..

    Dear old love. Ur 1 yr older now. But still good looking. Keep up. Let my love last 4ever. Happy Birthday. – sexual predator.

Just like last year, I had couple of rounds of birthday parties.
As usual, my parents, A and I had dinner at Klang Seafood restaurant @ Teluk Gong, Klang. We had our usual ChewChau steamed fish, Tongpou Sotong and Nga Choi. We had so much until I almost exploded.
My colleagues also tried to surprise me with a cake. It failed but it was nice of them to buy me a cake and let me smash it with a cake knife before blowing the candles.
My old Sheffield University mates also organised birthday lunch at Delicious @ Bangsar Village II.

Old Sheffield University mates
As usual, I had to pull off a candle buried deep on my cake. This time round, I came up with a special technique to avoid having my face smashed on the cake.

But KF wasn’t so lucky on his birthday.

Beverly, Adrian and Frederick were also nice enough to meet up for dinner at a Korean restaurant and treated me dinner. I ate so much until my stomach felt like exploding.
My high school friends also organised a joint birthday dinner with Yong Lin and Kiang at Jarrod Rawlin, Damansara Heights. A few of us brought along our own bottle of alcohol. We managed to persuade the management to give us discount on the corkage. By the time we finished all the bottles, Kiang was on his way home and Yong Lin and I were half dead.

The High School gang
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

Rising Crime Rate

Just last week, my friend’s mother’s car got hijacked at a car park of a well known shopping centre in Petaling Jaya. I’m not very sure on the details but what happened was that the hijacker got into the car and ran over the exit barrier. Fortunately, my friend’s mother was not injured.
On Wednesday, my mum’s handbag got snatched by a snatch thief on a motorcycle. We just had dinner at our usual restaurant at United Garden. Mum’s car was parked just few cars away from the entrance. Mine was located on the other side. After we finished dinner, we parted and we moved towards our own cars. The snatch thief grabbed her handbag and left my mum with a bruised arm. Fortunately, she wasn’t seriously hurt and she didn’t have any important documents in her handbag.
Last night, another friend of mine got mugged by two Indonesian on a motorcycle at Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights. She was standing on the side on the road waiting for boyfriend. Suddenly, two Indonesian grabbed her bag and threw her down on the floor. One of them stepped on her while another one went to retrieved her handbag. The Indonesians fled after that. My friend was fortunate to escape unhurt. But poor girl was traumatized.
And all these happened within two weeks. Please remind your love ones to be careful.

November Babies Birthday

This was supposed to be a birthday celebration for the November Babies namely WK, KF, SY and Timothy. Unfortunately, SY and Timothy were not around thus we could only blast WK and KF. We started the celebration at Ninja Jones with a bottle of Sake and also a bottle of Martell. By the end of dinner, the two bottles were depleted and we adjourned to Finnegans for second round.
Ninja Jones is well known for their ninja suit clad waiters. Their price is reasonable and their interior and food are not bad too. 14 of us got ourselves a private room. Although their price is reasonable, the bill came up to RM1600. Since its WK and KF’s birthday, we treated the birthday boys + their partners. My wallet bled big time.

Our Sake

Great stuff!

The soup came in a tea pot..without a bowl for me to pour my soup. Hence.

Gulp gulp gulp

Another great stuff

WK drinking Martell + Coke…+ Sake which we added without his knowledge.

We stabbed Hen cause he drank all our alcohol.

KF was first to surrender hence he went home first. WK was still standing and the poor chap got a beating of his lifetime. But probably not as bad in High School when we chased him around Kuchai Lama with eggs on his birthday.
In Finnegans, we bought WK two Flaming Lamborghini for his birthday.

By the end of the night, WK was still standing but he was quite pissed and did many funny stuff.

Not so funny but you should check out the photos on my Facebook. Heh
He ended the night by humping Hen’s car. Reminds me of Eric’s joke.. “Dude, I really love my car. I’m serious”.

Shuffle Crew

Couple of years back, we didn’t foresee a thing called shuffle crew to pop out in the Melbourne Shuffle scene. It has now become a norm in Australia and Malaysia and even Russia and a place called Lithuania.
And in Lithuania, I didn’t foresee that a shuffle crew uses the word “XES” as their shuffle crew name!
Check out their video!

What are the chances, a website that got famous through Melbourne Shuffle videos and a shuffle crew using the name XES. I got in touch with one of their members and asked whether they are in any way connected to this website.
And the answer I got was along the lines of..
“Never heard of you”. -_-