Restoran O & S @ Taman Paramount

Restaurant O & S is another treasure trove of yummy hawker food.

The place is located in a corner shop next to Caltex petrol station in Taman Paramount.

On Hari Raya break, the makan team made a trip to the place for lunch. It was packed with people. It was so packed until we had to wait for an empty table.

Check out their dish washing system. Communal dish washing area 😀

When this place was suggested to me, I immediately did a google search to see the recommended food.

My first hit was a blog post recommending its Penang prawn noodles. It was dubbed as the best prawn noodles in town.

However, it was just so-so. The one behind Restaurant Yut Kee is so much better. It is served with pieces of mutton in it. However, I think Timothy Tiah didn’t like it as he found a bug in his bowl. Nevertheless, NO BUGS CAN STOP ME FROM MY MEAL!!

Anyway, O&S’s Assam Laksa is commendable. The soup is sweet and not spicy. Good for people like me who can’t take spicy stuff a lot.

The best meals which tasted best so far are chee cheung fun and pork noodles.

Their chee cheung fun is served with prawn paste! Other than prawn paste, you can try chicken curry.

Pork noodles is served with generous servings of minced pork.


Restaurant Yong Len @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

The letter “G” fell off 😛
We had breakfast at Restaurant Yong Len for breakfast before heading to Damai to climb. Yong Len has been around ever since I was in primary school. Throughout the years, the only stall that still lives in my mind is their prawn noodles stall. I remember it being so spicy until I couldn’t finish it.
15 years or more later, on a Sunday morning, I tried the prawn noodles again. It didn’t taste as spicy as it did 15 years ago. Probably my taste bud has developed an immunity to spicy food. Of course, it tasted good. The kangkung was soft and the chicken meat was thinly sliced. The boss was also quite generous with their soup. I asked for a refill and she obliged without hesitation.

Other than prawn noodles, there’s one stall selling Nyonya kuih and other Chinese pastries. We bought a box of ang ku and some other miscellaneous kuih as snacks for our climbing session. The ang ku is not bad but its a little bit too oily. Nevertheless, it’s one of the rare places where you can find people selling Nyonya Kuih.

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