23 November events in Johor Baru, Malaysia

The night life in Johor Baru, the capital of Johor (Southern state in Malaysia, just next to Singapore) seems to be catching up with Kuala Lumpur.

Here are 2 events which falls on the same day.

DJ Karasun @ Jazz & Blues Discovery, Johor Baru, Malaysia

wah this flyer got Chinese words oneee.. sai lei tou emm chi yan yong ah!!!!
You see JB Discovery’s website, wah!! so spacious!! with KTV rooms and pool tables ah!! somemore cantik tertarik menarik, JB discovery memang da bomb!!!

Official website of DJ Kara Sun: http://www.karasun.com

Shuffle Night @ Eskimo Joy, Johor Baru

Shuffle Night? I think fengtau brings more money than shuffling.

Club website: http://www.ej.com.my

5 thoughts on “23 November events in Johor Baru, Malaysia”

  1. didnt know Stephanies now become EJ funny name..haha feng tau nite..last time in Kuching they actually named a rave event FengTau..

  2. julie: i was told that it’s because johorian clubbers are mainly chinese.
    flint: Fengtau rave? mannn.. haha
    frnak: shffling better, save cost. keke

  3. feng tau more syok ler…but when ate “yun zhai” sure kenot shuffle d…cuz too KEK..till kenot move fast…sure sit down 1..

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