A day in Xes’s life

Wake up
Go to work

Stuck in a jam

Have breakfast

Steamed bread, half boiled egg and roasted coffee 😀

Goto Court

Wisma Denmark – houses the Civil Division of the High Court of Malaya at Kuala Lumpur


and pray to Doraemon that he comes up with something that enables me to finish my work early

Work until night time

until the traffic clears up

uuuuh..down with fever..

33 thoughts on “A day in Xes’s life”

  1. endroo G:u know wilayah complex? its directly opposite wilayah complex 😀
    johnsonteoh: tripping i tell you!!
    electronicfly&appegalgal: ehhh legal pills okay! 😀

  2. endroo: no, they are famous for roti babi!
    silly wabbiT: actually when i took the pciture, the traffic was damn smooth. puasa ma 😀
    frank: tiu i said Yat Kei la, not Seng Nam.
    karheng: yes, my ‘doctor’ ahhaha
    zhong: eat steam fish in the morning @_@ mana boleh?? hehe

  3. the pork chop coffeeshop opposite wilayah complex also very nice. old coffeshop setting. Just down the road from Dang Wangi Esso station (the one always caught in flood). Next to a shop Bodhi Tree.

  4. Hey Xes, I went Yat Kei for their pork chop and roti babi on Fri.
    Coincidently, the shop belongs to my colleague’s family.

  5. in JB also very jam during morning weekdays however Sunday morning …no jam..but always gt police speed trap..

  6. endroo: thats actually Yat Kei. MUST TRY THE KAYA!!
    Erwin: wow, your colleague’s family must be freaking loaded! 😀
    flint: err..why are we talking about jb suddenly?? hehe

  7. cnigel: err.. i dont play with doraemon. i just put them up for display 😛 i got another colleague whois crazy over doraemon 😀 no idea why. maybe we had a lonely childhood keke
    peggy: take care??? WTF?? IRC ah??
    winkris: in the 3rd last picture, you can also see a Disneyland – the happiest place on earth fridge magnet keke

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