A Harsh Reminder

That life is too short.
I just found out today that a friend’s friend is mourning the death of her husband.
She got married at the age of 40 about 7 months ago. She is now a widow at the age of 41.
She has never had a steady relationship before she met her husband. You could say that he was her first serious love.
Her husband died in a freak accident – he fell off the balcony of their 2 ½ storey bungalow. She had tried to hold on to him, but her grip slowly loosened and she watched him fall.
I’ve been hearing news of people passing on of late, that it freaks me out. So I keep telling myself that really, life is too short to be bitter and to keep grudges. It makes me want to visit my parents as much as possible, hang out with my friends, too and tell Bimboman he’d better marry me as soon as possible and stick to my side every day and night!
When I told this story to a friend, he said that there are some people who are just unlucky, and this lady could be one of them. He knew of a girl whose past 3 boyfriends had died not because of her, but of other circumstances, e.g. car accident, health reasons.

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  1. had a friend pass away this year just a few months before her 21st birthday. bus accident. swear i’ll never sit in a konsortium again (they’re banned now anyway)

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