A Typical Working Week

A special “H E L L O” to all readers of www.xes.cx
Hope you regulars of this site have not forgotten me!!!
Anyway, just a short intro. of meself.
I’m the most outstanding ‘inactive’ guestblogger, galFeRari.
I’m currently stuck in Newcastle upon Tyne, a city that boasts of having the most happening nightlife in England and ranks no. 3 in Europe!
I’m not employed at the moment. Please hire me!
That said, my ambition is to become a rich taitai.
teehehee <-- this is my trademark 'haha' btw!! ANYWAY, I wonder if the following holds true for all u WORKING PEOPLE out there! CAYZOX4J.gif
how dreadful if this is true…
What about this??
They say, women who makes an effort in wearing make-up climbs up the corporate ladder faster..
What about men?

Have a good week ppl!
Til you hear from me, again, turra!

7 thoughts on “A Typical Working Week”

  1. finally Ms Ferrari is blOggin!!!
    we have the same ambition here!! *claps*
    RICh Tai tai!!!!
    oh well.hire me la..i need a job!!~

  2. haahahahahahah that is so true… I’m a happy employee on Friday..hmmm as long as there is no “urgent” work on Friday afternoon as oftenly happened!

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