Abandoned Courts

xes-court1.jpgNow that the Kuala Lumpur civil and commercial courts are housed at Jalan Duta’s court complex, the Sultan Abdul Samad building along Jalan Raja have long been abandoned.


The old men who have sat outside the building on the pavement during its active times are still there, with their trusty old typewriters, and are still visited by people who need help in ……. typing some documents out for them? Previously, I’m sure they assisted poor summoned defendants in stating their defence in reply to the civil summonses against them. But now, I do wonder what they do.


I was walking towards Masjid Jamek and I noticed to my dismay, that building maintenance is not high on our country’s list of priorities. You still see tour buses bringing tourists to Dataran Merdeka and many of them snapping pictures of the building – I’m sure it’s a lovely sight to behold …… from afar.


Step closer, or walk along the 5-foot walk, and you’ll catch a glimpse of Sultan Abdul Samad building’s corridors. Look at the dust, look at the rubbish. Do we want tourists taking pictures of rubbish as well?


We are proud of our heritage and our new buildings, but for goodness sake, do keep them clean!

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  1. i was there couple of weeks back. the old man was still there! i wanted to ask him why didnt he move to Jalan Duta Court.

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