Age is finally catching up..

Gone were the days where I though I could withstand any strenuous activities without feeling the aftermath.
Recently, I’ve been experiencing soreness on my waist. I suspect it’s due to long working hours without taking enough breaks in between. I went to see a doctor and he said that it may be due to an injury to my soft tissues. To remedy it, he subscribed me with painkillers. I don’t think this would solve the problem as it merely takes away the pain.
As I wasn’t convince with the doctor’s method, I went to see a chiropractioner. I had to take half day leave to see the chiropractioner. The chiropractioner is located in one shopping centre. Nicely designed and seems very cosy.
I was brought to a small room with a funny shaped bed. Within minutes, the chiropractioner greeted me with a smile.
Chiropractioner: Your first time?
Me: Yes, first time.
Chiropractioner: ok Let me explain how your backbone works…
After explaining the above, he started feeling my backbone and asked loads of questions. The chiropractioner suspects that the soreness on my waist was due to a couple of misaligned disc on my spine. He recommended that I do a x-ray to confirm his analysis and then see him again. My 10 minutes consultation with him lasted less than 10 minutes and it costs me RM100. GG
I’m not very convinced that the chiropractioner could really solve my problem. Further, I’m a little bit worried that he’ll mess up my spine!
Anyone has better ideas?

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  1. The Chiropracter in SeaPark near AYAMAS is quite good. His shop is only half of the whole shop.
    I went to see him once with backbone issues and it went fairly well. Hope this helps..
    Drop me a mail if you need more details…

  2. Hmm… I face exactly the same problem (I’m less than 26yrs old…tsk tsk…)
    I thought it was due to I wear high heels everyday….but the doc told me it is due to what you suspected “long working hours without taking enough breaks in between.” (hmm..i only work around 8 hrs everyday.. should be normal rite?)
    4-5 weeks ago..continuous pain…so went to Pantai Medical to check…RM200++ plus X-ray RM30++ plus blood test RM90++..ya…consultation around 10 mins too…he said ‘looks ok’…should be no prob…1 week later, show him x-ray and blood test(another RM100+..damn)…he said ‘nothing, looks fine’…after that feel better alr…
    i tot ok alr….who knows 2 weeks later,suddenly very very pain,can’t even stand straight/walk…so went to see another doc at Damansara Specialist Hospital, the doc ask me to R.E.S.T, gave me 3 days mc and some medication…for muscle or something…I’m ok now, just sometimes can’t sit or stand too long.. BUT can’t wear high heels anymore!!! :(((

  3. I have back problems too…hurt my back while I was working..went to Chiro a year ago. They took an x-ray and showed it to me…at first i tot it wasn’t that serious…then the x=ray showed that my back is pretty messed up…so, i did my treatment with the Chiro for 5-6 times every 2 weeks after that…and still have to go back once a month coz I stil feel the pain once in a while

  4. I would recommend seeing a chinese doctor (dik da). I have a friend who had the same problem, she went to see the doctor and it didnt help at all. So she was recommended by a friend to go see this dik da and she has recovered since then. worth trying.

  5. v1nc3: thanks alot. i’m currently seeing one but if its doesnt help much, i’ll email you. cheers.
    ST: thanks for the link. i think if you sit down for 8 hours non stop, that would be quite bad for the back. your problem seems quite bad, especially to your wallet. have you tried correcting your posture or seek second opinion?
    sy: hmmm thats bad. hope you’re feeling better now. 5 – 6 times every 2 weeks is quite a lot. thats like rm100 per visit??
    sg: i’m a little bit skeptical with Chinese ‘dik da’ doctors. I’ve heard many horror stories on them e.g. aggravating an injury.
    Nottifish: more sex can sure meh? no wonder u had backache last time ekkeke
    Khinko: acupuncture is a little bit dodgy. hehe

  6. just fyi, the chiropracter said that i had a bad sitting posture, didn’t hv enough rest and was facing the PC too much. Ended up, part of my back bone posture got slanted. So he “fixed” me up and put a 20cm X 20cm chinese plaster on me and i got better in a days time…

  7. oh..the seapark near ayamas one, i brought my fren there…so chaotic, need to take number n wait so long, not so pricey, but i not sure he cures my fren’s wrist or not.
    i’m wearing high hell everyday to work, i sat hours facing the pc, sometimes backache, i do some stretches then walk bit then back to work.
    and i love to roll on bed to do my reading or laying on bed online for hours, kinda tired for such bad posture.
    well, u better go x-ray to do a throughly check up tho.
    go take pirates or yoga will help tho..
    ask ur mama boil some chinese herbal soup for u.
    as well as take good care of ur kidney n liver.

  8. There’s a pysiotherapist in SS2, a Mrs Wong.Same row as ESH, but on the other end of the row.
    I’ve been to her when I sprained my ankle quite badly, and within a week I was walking again. If I remember correctly she charged about rm30 a visit (she’s doing it for the karma rather than the money).
    She’ll definitely ask you to get an x-ray first, just in case it’s a broken bone or something rather than just bruised muscles or wtv.
    Get well soon!

  9. boy : acupuncture is not dodgy at all. give it a try. if u trust chinese doctor, i can recommend one in Sentul for u. Body massage frequently can help cure your problem with special “tit da” oil. “Wong To Yick” is quite good, made in Hong Kong. We bought it from HK and use it in our massage center. If u wan I can get it for you but urself got to know how to use it. Come Kui Ming! haha….joking….seriously go for good massage center with professional therapist to help u, this will take months to slowly recover. I’m in tis line thus i know how’s the effects. Cheers!

  10. v1nce: thanks for the info. so i guess my cheapest solution now is to buy tokuhon and correct my sitting posture!
    jo: i used to do yoga for few weeks @ the climbing gym. it helps a lot. but the chiropractor said that yoga helps but doesnt solve the problem. hehe
    efly: wow, sounds good. will let u know when i need directions keke
    hyong: thanks for the offer. will let u know when i need massage! keke

  11. ya, sitting posture, correcting…
    That is actually my 2nd opinion alr…1st doc even told me nothing to do with sitting posture..doubt it…btw..both doc told me swimming will help
    v1nc3: “a bad sitting posture, didn’t hv enough rest and was facing the PC too much. Ended up, part of my back bone posture got slanted. ” EXACTLY what happened to me also. SLANTED…damn scary when i look in the mirror…but it looks ‘straighter’ during weekend coz i only stay at home
    Do you know what Chinese plaster he use?coz salonpas doesn’t help at all…..tsk tsk…

  12. ST : Sorry, I have no idea what chinese plaster he used, he just sticked it on my back and asked me not to wet it and also to see him again in 3 days time to change it, but i did not see him after that bcoz my back was better the next day till today.

  13. Good chiros are really hard to find. And some of them resort to questionable methods to convince you. Just do a quick google search.. there is still a lot skepticism about chiropractors. Acupuncture however is more accepted, even in Western medical circles. But still have to look for referrals to a good acupuncturist though.
    There is also a form of therapy called Rolfing, which is like Pilates, but more for therapy rather than general well-being. They have a center near Damansara Heights.

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