Alan Teo’s Birthday 2001

  • It’s Alan Teo‘s birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • We had Alan‘s birthday dinner at some Indian restaurant at Glossop Rd. It’s a pretty nice place. They decorated the place something like a high-class restaurant. However, the vitiating problem is the prices. I had a plate of rice with 3 pieces of meat, couple of shrimps and a spoonful of spinach that cost me £8!! After dinner, we went to the union’s bar and had couple of drinks. Nothing much happen, we didn’t get Alan drunk. hehe
  • I lost £5 to Juleun just now! We had a bet on who is going to win the drinking contest between halls. I sided Tapton hall and Juleun supported Ranmoor. The hall that gets the best position wins. It seems that Ranmoor won the 2nd place and Stevenson hall won again for 50 consecutive years!
  • I just found out that my server has been hacked. I even found the backdoor and files left by the hacker. I guess they hacked by exploiting ssh 1.2-47. shesh, and yet the admin hasn’t fix the fucking server yet!
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