Another Malaysia Boleh moment

Few days ago, I called a semi government body to ask about something:

Me: hello… Saya nak buat pertanyaan (I would like to make an enquiry)
Lady: ok..
Me: Saya nak tanya tentang blablabla (I would like to ask about…)
Lady: wait!
Me: huh?
Lady: do you want me to speak in English or Malay?
Me: errrrr (since I’m speaking Malay) anything will do.
Lady: sorry sir, I cannot speak to you until you choose Engish or Malay!!
Me: *o* ! errrrrrr

Definately another Malaysia Boleh moment.

14 thoughts on “Another Malaysia Boleh moment”

  1. She/It is the smart answering machine! she is not a human being! this shows m’sia has progressed tremendously becoz they r using robots/androids 2 answer phones. dun play play!

    Malaysia Memang Boleh!

  2. Let’s make some changes…
    “I cannot answer you until you choose either COFFEE, TEA or ME”

  3. Herm, I would like to imagine “what if” that lady is your girlfriend?
    Will she force you to make decision everyday / week / month ?

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