anti spam law

Everyday I used to get about 20 penis enlargement emails, 15 mails on sex deprived house wife yearning for attention, 10 emails about Paris Hilton sex videos, 5 emails about debt reduction emails and sometimes email from a Pastor telling me grandfather stories about how great god is.

However, with the advent of the new anti spam laws by the US and Australia, the amount of junk mail I received a day has been reduced dramatically. No more penis enlargement emails, thank you. No more sex deprived housewives, thank you (Get a dildo bitch). No more Paris Hilton videos (I’ve seen it, and it sucks). Unfortunately, I still get emails from the Pastor telling me grandfather stories.

I wanna watch

Tupac Resurrection, and
Spiderman 2!!

7 thoughts on “anti spam law”

  1. i’m a girl thank you 🙂 i didn’t even know u signed my gb. those stupid notice to tell me whether it has been signed never works. anyhoos, thanks for erm, signing it! cheerio!

  2. michaelooii: i never gotten email about emdicine before..ehehekillu: eh? spam filter on your server ah? frostie: loads of free porn wo..dowan ahhoblique: wah where have u been ehhelynn aiyah no need..not nice one..we make our own better.keke

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