Mum and dad dropped Melody and I at the airport as Dad wanted to go home early to sleep. I didn’t mind at all. I’ll see them sooner or later anyway.

Melody accompanied me. We took some pictures and chatted. This time, she didn’t cry at all. Oh I’m so proud of her. Hehe

I was so happy when I saw my seat. It’s one of those seats with no seats in front. Ah, this should be a comfy journey. I spoke too soon. I sat beside a couple with a baby. While behind me, there were 2 small kids. Throughout the whole journey, all I hear is continuous whine, screams and cries. I barely slept. To add salt to wound, I somehow contracted influenza. I sneezed and sneezed throughout the whole journey. I spent more time blowing my nose than sleeping.

The lady (the couple) who sat next to me breastfed her little girl occasionally. She covered herself with a blanket and even her face while doing so.

She’s a nice lady. She calls me a gentleman and even gave me a peppermint lozenge for my flu. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a state to chat with both them. The best I did was just exchanging smiles with the baby.

Arrived in Sheffield 14 hours later. I quickly collect my luggage and headed straight to the train station. Oh yeah, by the way, I managed to smuggle in 6 cartons of cigarettes. I’m selling them for 20quid per carton.

My room didn’t change much. Frank did a good job cleaning it up. However, the toilet was a little stinky. There was even shit stain on the toilet seat. I had to clean it up.

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