atmosphere drunkards comicblog!

A recap on what happened last week @ Atmosphere..

There were couple of funny sights though. While Choon and I were talking, a group of guys were happily drinking behind us. They even offered Kiang and PS their drinks.

Half an hour later, all of them were drunk. Couple of them fell down on to the floor. Another dude vomited (lets call him puking dude) on another drunken dude sitting next to him and the best part is, the other drunken dude was unconscious and he had puke all over his legs.

Oh yeah, after that, both puking dude and drunken dude were sitting side by side holding hands. Maybe both of them were thinking that they were holding hands with a girl..

20 thoughts on “atmosphere drunkards comicblog!”

  1. maybe they r actually falling for each other and only have the guts to hold hands in public when they were drunk

  2. pikey: ahahhaha maybe! but mm atmosphere’s not a gay club wo eehheGavin: my gfcc: err..who u ? 😀 YMMIE: paint shop pro 😀 i drew it line by line 😀

  3. adeline: it’s soemthing that happened last week 😀 Ivan: keke thanks..glad u enjoyed it! 😀 Gavin: ok ok la..ex gf laaa

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