atria day and anniversary!

Football wasn’t that good. The sun was scorching hot and the pitch is lousy. The pitch used to be a rubbish dump before it turned into a park. There are still bits and pieces of remaining rubbish on the pitch! The park used to be crowded with people everyday but after the park management imposed a RM1.50 entrance fee, it became virtually deserted. We started off with an energetic game, however towards the end everybody could barely run anymore. Few of us suffered injuries. Ping Sheong got his hand and feet bruised and I got my knee bruised too. Furthermore, my right leg is aching now, I cant even drive properly! Despite all the unfortunate events this morning, the game was good and we had plenty of fun.
3:21PMIt’s Melody and my 1 year 6 months anniversary today! We celebrated with a jug of Margarita at 1957, Sri Hartamas. We were able to finish the whole jug within half an hour and we started talking nonsense and laughing non stop. And by the end of the night, we were quite drunk. Thank god I could still drive her back home and back to my place.
I have to wake up early in the morning later. My friends and i are gonna play football.