My whole world surround you, and there’s when I stumbled and fell..

Some words from William Wordsworth which had me thinking…

“Though nothing can bring back the hours,
Of splendour in the grass,
Of glory in the flowers,
We will grieve not, rather find,
Strength in what remains behind…”

I wonder if it was the right thing to do. To end it when things were getting bad, hoping that when I get back to Malaysia – everything will be peachy in paradise once more. Now I am not so sure since the past few weeks, more hurt has been thrown at each other to cost enough massive damage to last us both a lifetime. I wish I could close my eyes and leave it all behind and not think about it for a while.

Anyway, on other matters, I am currently listening to Spin by Lifehouse on repeat (I hope Leong can’t hear it and if he can – Leong, are you mad at me yet? :D) and I think it is tHE-oHhHhh-So-fiNe song of the mo… Spinned, danced and sang to it with much enthusiasm in the privacy of my bedroom and enjoying myself immensely… When the world keeps spinning round, My world’s upside down, You and I wouldn’t change a thing, I’ve got nothing else to lose, I lost it all when I found you, And I wouldn’t change a thing, No, you and I wouldn’t change a thing…

Have you guys ever spinned yourself so much till you collapse on your back and watch the room spin around you very, very, very slowly… wahh..

mmmm.. maybe its time to change the song before I inflict any permanent damage onto myself. 😉


the fear beneath my skin

Something soooo freaky happened to me yesterday…

Ok, let me fill you guys in on some details first – my ex-bf gave me this alarm clock that has a recording of him singing ‘our song’ to wake me (and everybody else in the neighbourhood) up in the morning. I shall be kind and say that it wasn’t the best of singing voices so I never used it as an alarm clock and placed it in a hidden corner at my study table away from any itchy fingers which may accidentally on it and unleash the wailing.

Then yesterday morning, I was awaken by my ex-bf’s gung-ho singing… obviously being in a state of drowsiness, I just climbed outta my bed, walk to my study table and off the alarm (which, mind you, had all its switches in Japanese so it took a grueling few minutes to finally turn it off). Climbed back into bed and lie there for awhile…

eh… waitaminute… who the hell turn on that alarm clock??

*insert appropriate Twilight Zone tune*

Ok, if any of you guys in Watson 16 turned it on as a prank, pLEasE tell me! Coz I am really freaking out – usually thanks to Leong who scares the hELL outta me sometimes… :P… Leong, was it you???



kinky kinky!

WoooooHooooooooo! 😀 Leong, there better not be young children visiting your site… muaHAhha..

Your touch…
running through my hair,
softly with each fingertip…
painting who I am.

Slowly running them down…
my face.. to my chest,
sprinkling kisses with your lips…
leaving lasting impressions of your love and care.


I long for your kiss,
the insistent hunger of your mouth against mine,
with the slow teasing wetness of your tongue,
weightens sensations to both body and mind,
lost in the pleasures of love and lust.

I long for your touch,
your familiar scent, which increases my desire,
warmth fills me as we undress,
your finger leaving trails of burning ecstacy…
and my whole body quivers under your carress.

I long for you… *muaks*


Alrite, I most definitely didn’t write those… 😉 But aren’t they pretty good for an amatuer? wAHhaHAHha.. laters peeps!

And oh btw, those were not written for me either… 😀


if only prawn mee can make me come… ohhh…

Leong!!! I don’t believe you actually wrote that!! 😀 hAHa!! OK, to clear things up, I said that the prawn mee was so good, it was ORGASMIC… it didn’t literally give me an orgasm… which, of course, would be GREAT if it DID give me an orgasm. Oh yes, it would be veeerrrrryyyyyy good………………..

Somehow, I think I am gonna regret putting this post up.


enjoying life on the open road with a map and a cooler…

It is 6am in the morning and I haven’t slept a wink. Something must be bothering me, but I have no idea what it is. grrr…

While lying down on my bed, trying to get some sleep, naturally my mind wandered and I thought of my Mum. It’s funny how I had the worst sorta relationship with her a few years back but now, it is as if we are buddies and she calls me whenever just to keep me updated with the daily gossip and stuff happening around the neighbourhood and to complain or brag about our petdog ;). Of course, it would help my dad financially if my mum bothered to dial the idd number BEFORE dialing my UK number though.. heh..

It always feels like a long time since I have spoken to her, whether it’s been an hour or two weeks. She has been the one person in my life that I have always been able to sit back and listen to with open ears, although it doesn’t always seem that way. We have gone through many years together, both of us have drawn an understanding from that, in the sense that those times were a necessity in order for us to appreciate the better. One thing I have always respected her for, was that she didn’t bullshit me. When I did something wrong, she was the first to tell me, and when I did well, she told me, in her own ways, that she was proud.

Sorry for the mush, but its really late/early – let the insomniac ramble on!!!

And oh yes, among other thoughts, I was also thinking about an email I received from a friend earlier today which had this rather random paragraph. It read: “Please tell *some guyfriends’ names* and all your other guyfriends to stop masturbating. I know the mags tell us that it’s ok, and that we can replenish our sperms and all that, but the truth is, we are throwing away part of our bodies and the more sperm we waste, the weaker the body becomes. So just thought I’d let you know.” muAHhahAha… that’s a first..

Alrite, wish me luck coz I am gonna try sleeping once again…. laters all.. 😉

surprise party!!

I am soooo blur, I had no idea. 😀

I figured it was going to any random day – late lunch, classes, defrost chicken, eat dinner and then watch them play ps2 aGAin. But something unexpected happened to me during the day and I was pretty much down for the rest of it, even when Shane and Siew Lee brought me out supposedly for some coffee but instead, took me all around Ecclesale buying candles and halogen lights (riiigghhttt Siew Lee?) and rotting in Mike’s place watching Jay Chou videos and random canto-pop mtvs to my ULTIMATE despair :D.. I started to whine about going home but they refused to take me home (ermm yeah, I still haven’t figure it out by then) so we went to Cafe Rouge for some hot chocolate and tea – it was 7 in the evening and I was wondering when we were finally gonna go home for dinner.

Well, we finally head for home with Fred driving us home and eventhough Jon’s car was parked right outside the house, it still didn’t occur to me anything was up. Walked in and then WARRRRRHHH!!!!!!!!!! The most successful surprise any surprise party could ever come up with! They thought of everything from the balloons, confetti, banner, the MEGA CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE from Fat Jacks (woohoo!!!), the red eggs and the birthday noodles among others. And I gotta mention how the champagne cork fell strategically on Allen’s head – punishment maybe for being the first to attack the food, hmmm? 😉 hehe.. I wonder if he reads this site?

I shall get all mushy now and tell you guys how touched I was and still am right now. I feel loved! muaHAhaaa… Just when things seem to be at its lowest, I felt that the surprise party brought my spirits up once again… My 21st birthday has to be the best birthday I ever had and this has to be all thanks to everyone of my housemates – Fred, Chuo Ming, Alex, Leong, Khai Fei, Mindy and Siew Lee and also the people that helped and also turned up at the house 🙂 You guys are just the sweetest!! If I had 7 kids next time, I swear I would name them all after you guys, mannn!!! 😀

Alrites… going off now, am still bubbling from yesterday and before I start another all out attack on this entry with another long paragraph – laters all… 😉


Dee’s first post

Helloo! Leong was nice enough to let me play around with his website but gawd, I have no idea what to write here… Here is a little bit of intro anyway, I am Wen Dee and I am the only other person that stays in the basement of our house with Leong and he is so sweet coz he usually cleans the toilet that we share – ok, I think I have shared a little bit too much there. Heh.

Anyways, right now, Alex and Khai Fei are playing Dynasty Warrior 3 on Fred’s PS2 while Hun Chong, Chuo Ming (who are both lying down on the sofa together), Frank and Leong (who just made himself some creamy-looking coffee thingy) watch them… aiyah, damn sien-larh!!! Having only 3 girls in the house makes it so damn boring for us coz the other guys (besides Leong) only talk about the god-forsaken Utopia or PS2. And if we are lucky, the guys will show some signs of life and then realise – Oh hang on, there are girls in the house who don’t really give two rats ass about their computer games. 😛

I am getting such a kick outta doing this and I am sooo sorry if I have been boring… maybe I shall amuse the other Sheffield friends who come to this website, by telling them about the little quirks and fancies that each and every housemate of Watson 16 have:

Chuo Ming would go after anyone with a cleaver and threaten to chop off their balls, if you call him short or anything remotely similar.

You can hear Alex from a few streets away by the original way he yells his foul language when he loses in PS2 or Marvel Super Heroes. For example: ChauCheeeeBWAAAAAiiiiiiiii, MaaaKeHaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, MaaaChaauuuHaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii, etc.

And those who know Leong would probably know how distinctive his laughter can sound. While I can’t hear his music or anything else from his room, I can hear his bursts of laughter loud and clear and I know he must be watching SouthPark again. 😉

Fei is just plain stoned but pay attention and you can catch his classic one-liners.. 🙂 And the only time I have seen him so alive is when he is playing PS2.

Siew Lee has the chun-nest body in Sheffield and also loves to play her songs over and over and over and over and over again – thank gawd for her taste in music. Word of advice for everybody, don’t let her drink too much!!! I warned you… 😉

Mindy our resident grunge chick with a taste for long-haired (hehe) guys and cooks and bakes damn well!!! I can tell from my room when she is in the kitchen because she would be routinely fending off insults and such from the guys with remarks like “Shuddap-larh!”, “Fuck off-larh!” and the likes.. hell, she rAwks..!

And Fred is renowned for the biggest collection of porn in the student community in Sheffield!!! And I think I better shuddup now before he kills me… ;D

Ok, I shall end now before you guys start to scream bloody murder for me to stop.. 🙂 Take care all and let’s see if Leong would dare to allow me to contribute to his site ever again. Reeee!

And oh, harlow Dion!! 😉