Back for Good?

Just recently, Take That got together again (minus Robbie William) and came out with “Patience”. You hear it on the radio and you probably have seen it on tv.
There’s a part of the song where it goes, “Cos AahhhhHHHhHhhHhh … need tiiiiiiiiiime … just tryyyyyyyyyyy …”
Makes my hair stand.

Why did they decide to try again? My theory is that the rest of the members, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and the other two guys are close to poverty and are nobodies. Only Robbie survived and managed to make it big. Gary Barlow and Mark Owen tried to go solo and hey, just an album each. I can’t even remember Gary Barlow’s one hit wonder, but I do remember Mark Owen’s “Innocent Child”.
Pssst, is he gay?
So anyway, being nobody sucks when you see an ex-group member making it big in the headlines and tv and going out with various girls. So they decide perhaps they’d get together again, and with Robbie in it, they’ll tumpang glamour (go along for the ride), too?
Take That’s official website – [link]

8 thoughts on “Back for Good?”

  1. 3rdo hey i thought:
    Cos iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Need tiiiiiiiimmmmmmmeeeee..not cos ahhhh la…like tht falla cannot cum thus need some time and keep on tryin. ;P

  2. 4th!
    psst…i was a Take That fan. ^_^
    Kinda sad seeing them try so hard to get back to where they were few years ago. I don’t dig the new song either.

  3. you gotta adit they were pretty good and still are pretty good without robbie even. goodness i’m a TT and a robbie enthusiast … if it works out for them, why should we bother what their intentions are as long as they churn out quality music?

  4. i WAS a take that fan when i was a kid. they were one of the first few boybands who made it big.
    gary barlow’s one hit wonder is ‘forever love’ fyi.
    anyway, hahahahaha, i love the way u put it, ‘TUMPANG GLAMOUR’

  5. aiyaks, all ex-Take That fansi one!!!
    zhong: you know how to sing ‘forever love’ lah, i presume? ehehehehe ;P
    politikus: no lah, no one’s bothering with their intentions, except for me. i like to think too much unnecessarily, don’t mind me πŸ˜‰
    rych: comeeeeeeeeeeeeee we go karaokeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    pokai: speaking from experience ah? ehehehe ;P
    xes: STILL A FAN HUH? waahahahaha
    endroo: hey hey … got a dot com huh? congrats! πŸ˜‰

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