back from tokyo!!

Tokyo was awesome! It was a huge eye opener.

Unfortunately, work sucked though. Due to miscommunication between parties, everything was moving at a slow pace and I couldn’t fulfil my task.

However, overall, it was fun. Jane, my former Sheffield University hall mate brought me around Tokyo. After my work (which usually ends in the afternoon), we would meet up for lunch and spend the entire day exploring Tokyo.

I brought back loads of souvenirs, ranging from hello kitty to porn. i’vN stupid porn almost got me into trouble. The custom officers found the book wrapped with a transparent paper bag. Fortunately, she didn’t flip the pages, otherwise there goes my law career.

I tried searching for the used underwear vending machines. I coudn’t find any though. Most of them were soft drinks and cigarrates.

Oh I miss Tokyo. I wish I could spend more time there!!!

Here are some photos from Jane’s camera phone.

Jane & I @ Roppongi Hills

Ferris Wheel @ Odaiba

Hello Kitty stamps issued by the Japan post!

Will give a detailed update when I get my photos developed!!

12 thoughts on “back from tokyo!!”

  1. Is the hello kitty for your personal collection???*heeeheehehe…Didn’t know u’re quite a softy…=D

  2. allarr.. just admit it ler. U bought Hello Kitty for urself too right??I promise I won’t laugh at you..

  3. galferari: for once, stop being so fucking annoying, but anyway, actually i bought hello kitty stamps 😀 its the newest stamp issued by the japanese postage. unfortunalte,y doreamon stamps are all sold out. myke: it fun really great! 😀 afser: once again , thank you for correcting everyone on this website 😀

  4. blossom: eheh sorrya h.. i bought themfor my stamp collection 😀 di0n: jap girl.. :D~~ ivN: so how many times u fapped with the porno?

  5. Damn u xes………….Hello Kitty Stamps*opens mouth on awe*wish i went to japan………..p.s. ur fren jane quite cute 🙂

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