Berlin, Germany – Food!

Many said that Germany is the land of sausage, beer and pork knuckles. Being a foodie (and perpetually hungry), I took every opportunity to try whatever I could fit in my stomach. I came home with a bigger tummy and my pants felt tighter.
Like Ho Chi Minh City, I notice that some of the chairs are arranged facing the road. I wonder they can’t face the chair toward the table – so that people can face each other and talk. But I understand is that the purpose of doing so is to enable people can enjoy the view (of the road?) and have a conversation on anything they see.

Our first meal was at a local pub by Kurfürstendamm. I had a huge pincher of Berliner Kindl (quite tasty, only 0, 41e! Cheaper than water!) and sausage. It was delicious!

The stuff on the right was tastty! Cant remember what’s the name.

Cheapo beer
I also managed to try their well known pork knuckles. I ordered mine at one pub recommended by our hotel concierge. In the menu, it was titled “Super Pork Knuckles”. It was indeed super in size. It was so big that I couldn’t finish it and the fat was enough to power a generator. However, the meat was tender and soft.

They also sell Maggi products here. And I notice that most condiments have yellow packaging.

Sushi also got!

Sliced octopus. Yummy.

Currywurst is one of the most well known dishes in Berlin. It consists of pork sausages with curry sauce and curry powder seasoned on top. And I had it at one restaurant dedicated to pigs. Will talk about it next time.

Warao, dilated pupils. This stuff must be good.

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  1. chikhan: hahahahahahaha that’s a good question
    xes: are german chicks hot? like claudia schiffer? she’s german right?

  2. btw that dilated pupil pic, my fren said it’s actually a marmalade advert hahahah, so eat marmalade and you’ll get dilated pupils LOL

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