bimbO alert!

so i finally made up my mind to be a guestblogger for this site, despite the fact that the major terms and conditions (of my ’employment’) has yet to be ironed out. [quite stOOpid of me.] ;P
hmm… what’s there to intro bout myself? i’ve got boobs and bum, so i’m definitely a girl. ;P yup, i just got out of the shower, so, of course i’m sure. *smacks bum*
really, i just wondered whether uncle frank needed a break from blogging. hehe… so i’ll help out a bit. [psst, u can pay me later, frank!]
erm. that’s it. i mean, no one is reading blogs during the christmas break. everyone’s busy having parties to attend, last minute shopping for presents (yay~), visiting relatives (not smelly uncle botak chin pls!), looking for missing toes mistletoes in hope to receive kisses for free (desperate?), catching mummy kissing santa claus……
at least now that christmas is finally here, we don’t have to be asked a gazillion and one times, “hey, so what’s your plan for christmas eve? christmas?” tiring, isn’t it? then we’ll sound like a broken record repeating the same question to them, “i’m doing blah di daa… how bout you? what are your plans?”
peace and quiet until next week it’ll be “what are your new year’s eve plans? new year??”
wokies, i, too, need to go out and hunt for give out free kisses.
happy holidays and merry christmas! *muah*
p.s. uncle xes, do i get paid for this? =)

12 thoughts on “bimbO alert!”

  1. glo & chuoming: erm… photos not available yet. must photoshop first. bum too big. *hehe*
    frank: saying that i sound as annoying as the theme song? *hehe*
    merry xmas, hope everyone’s wishes came true. =)
    p.s. xes, but u got bonus wat.

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