Bintulu day 8

Sarawak has been a huge exposure to me in terms of nature.

I saw this huge wild boar caged @ a construction yard. Apparently, someone is raring it as a pet. It looks mmm..ugly.

I learnt how to drive a motor boat today! It was easy. It’s like driving a car. Well, not exactly, the way to handle the boat is opposite of a car. If you want to turn left, you gotta turn the handle to the right visa versa.

We drove a 15 horse powered motorboat on Alex’s river (Semenyih River). The river is absolutely filthy. Everybody treats it like a huge rubbish bin. There was once we almost ran over a bloated carcass of a dog. It’s so bloated till it looks like it’s going to explode anytime.

Oh yeah, last night we ate durian kampung (small durian). It tasted like SHIT.

Then today, we had fried maggots. They call it ulat sago. It’s as big as my thumb, looks very juicy. Its flesh feels like jelly and it smells like blood initially. But after frying it with pepper and salt, it deflated. I had tasted like…


god damn maggots tasted like prawns. EUW. Some are a little bit juicy though. According to Alex’s Dad, the maggots were supposed to be juicier. However, he cooked it wrongly. euw..I cant imagine eating a juicier maggot..

So anyway, here are some pictures of Bintulu courtesy of David. thanks mate!