Birthday Celebration 2004

Man, I hate my friends, namely those who devised the evil scheme to knock me out last night. I got to start saving money now to finance my revenge on them next year!!

Last night, they got me drunk. I was a zombified puking machine and a walking garbage truck. I don t remember how much I drank, but I think the mixture of beers, half a cocktail and 2 flaming Lamborghinis killed me. Big Ben had his revenge. BAH!!!

I was almost unconscious by the end of the night. I remember someone tried to take off my shirt, if I were a little bit sober I would have punched him in the face. Hehe.

We (Melvin, Cris, Sow, Wei Chen, Sam, Lynnzter, iv’N, Hon Hing & Cristy) started off with dinner @ San Francisco Steakhouse. Food seems good but I didn t eat there as I ve already had dinner with my parents.

After that, we headed to this Chinese joint by the name Bow Wow caf鮠There we were joined by Gerald, Joyce and Big Ben. Drinks were at an exorbitant price. A can of shandy cost RM10.90! I should have stayed there longer as drinks were expensive and hence the evil people wouldn t be able to buy me too many drinks.

But noooooo, they wanted to go Cristo s. I should have headed straight home than followed them there. It started innocently with beer. Then some random dude came to my table and started drinking with me. After that, I was drowned with alcohol.

But oh well, thank you to those who were there at Cristo s last night. I bet you guys had fun making me drunk. Hehe

8 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration 2004”

  1. Adrienne: hehe thanks! but mm cute? i think i look like some red face monster heheeraine: sob sob.. it was a last minute thingie.. i tot i could escpe.sobsobYUMMIE: no fun no fun hehefrank: got… got it on video cam soemmore!!

  2. haha.. happy belated bday leong.. btw, bow wow cafe? is it the one near petaling street wurn? 😛 erm erm… i miss insomnia everytime i hear christof`

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