Blogs that have loads of love

The advent of blogs has created another alternative for people to express their love.

First, we have blogs that express love to their loved ones such as

Then there are blogs that expresses their love to food such as fishfish who went to the extreme to study food science.

Not forgetting those blogs relating to animals such as Furkids in Hong Kong

Also, a blog whose blogger expresses her love for cheese by using words relating to Cheese. Her creativity has lead to the creation of words ranging from Cheeserland to Cheesus Crust. Cheesebye not included.

And also a blog whose blogger expresses his love for drugs, i mean his love to teach the public about the effect of drugs. Our very own

also love for female bloggers O_O

and also, a 17 years old boy expressing his love to….


Ok calm down..calm damn. Nevertheless, I applaud his bravery to ‘come out’ at such a young age. He even has the guts to tell his parents about it. If I were to do so when I was 17 years old, I might not have parents today. All the best Colin and Kero!

[Source: sarahian & bimbobum]

28 thoughts on “Blogs that have loads of love”

  1. man… the faggots are real. WTF. But thats human rights. Why not everyone else don’t give a f*ck to them unless they’re making troubles that need to be dealt with.

  2. the last blog link … respect la. its not easy being different. and actually having to courage to show it in public, and even tell their parents. lots of us have trouble telling our parents things that are not as shocking as that.

  3. zhong: definitely a WTF moment!
    Endroo G: yup, they should be left alone. and also spare us the details!
    jac: kekeke yeah ! ./me hunt for lesbian blogs
    faai: damn new man.. hehe
    frostie: wahahahah no kissing no worries!!
    whryl: yup loads of courage.. esp the part where he said his bf got buggered by his ex until he cant sleep.. O_O

  4. o..the colin n kero couple~~ damn mushy man their stuff, even more than my girlfriends;s blogs.. but their cute la..hehe

  5. Cheesie: you are cheesily welcome 😀
    sarah: why?
    frank: EHEHEH YEAH MAN
    Amos: dont damn them la. they are humans too! otherwise they’ll come and poke u in the middle of the night
    Darren: gay bloggers are abundant but 17 yrs old gay blogger writing about his bf being buggered by his ex is just too much!
    eric: yeah definitely a wat the f00t moment

  6. Fank and Xes should parody it one day to bring bimbobum’s nightmare come true. Turn this site pink. LOL!

  7. Enough of the gay bashing~! It’s totally unnecessary… there are already many kinds of phobia and it doesn’t help to create another phobia which is homophobia… Enough of discrimination… it’s their life.. they are entitled to their own choice of lifestyle…. leave them alone….they definitely did not do any bashing to the straight bloggers.. so beat it~!
    Why am i so upset? Cos I’ve have gay friends/bloggers too and only few days ago, I told my gf(yes, a girl, mind you), they are also people who deserve respect. Any my gf too have transgender friends. And I have an extended family member who had experienced sex change.
    What we need to give them is more understanding and on our part, we need to be more open-minded and create less hate.

  8. woflx: cannot man, later people misundestand wei. how about u and bimbobum?? keke
    pikey: yeah man, people should stop bashing homosexuals. they are humans too. STOP IT YOU HOMOPHOBIC BASTARDS! My good friend Gavin Tan is gay but yet he is one of the nicest guys around!!!

  9. wahHh…cheeeeeepet!! EVERYONE!! Cheng Leong is the real GAY! Search his blog archive! He used to have a gay caller!

  10. Haha, so cheng leong is gay, with gavin? That is the conclusion right? we care not about the process, but the solution..

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