When I was in high school, we had this sadistic way of having fun. We call it “bonggol”. We would choose an unsuspecting fellow, surround him and then beat him up. Our usual victims? Any birthday boys and anyone who stands out, for example, there was once a friend carried a Sesame Street bag to school. We beat him up because of that. Well of course…we only beat up our friends..hehe

I heard loads of stories about fights in army camps and even in our National Service Camps. Usually the fights are one sided ie 100 fellows beating up one person. Hon Faai said it is a common occurrence when he was doing his National Service. However, the most unusual one was about this Indian guy who pissed some guys off. The guys then rounded him up and started whacking him. Well, the normal kicks and punches HOWEVER someone started tearing his clothes off. He was naked by the end of the bonggol session. Man..that’s so traumatizing, he would be shamed for the rest of his life.

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15 thoughts on “bonggol”

  1. yeah we had the same thing…we called it ‘lauk’…those were the days…just be up friends…how random is that man!hahaah

  2. i thought the term was “TEMPEK”.maybe it’s different with time or somethingwhen i was in school, it was tempek.

  3. u forgot a nifty trick, but the black garbage plastic bag over the victim’s head 1st. high skool was fun, when it’s not your birthday.

  4. Yeah…in Subang we call it Tempek. What bapuk name is bonggol? In SMDJ lagi chun…they call it TIANG. They take unsuspecting birthday boy, (actually if u tell ppl your b’day u sure kena liow) each person hold one of his legs, one more his body and then they bang his groin against a tiang…..*ouch*

  5. hahaha.. these bring back sweet gang usually fakes and whack an anonymous friend.When another dude (usually another friend) comes in and join the fun. Little did he know we were gonna swap him with with the victim. Draged him into the centre and just gave it.We showed him g00d time!

  6. Reminds me of High School when we did the same thing as well. But not to the extend of tearing clothes off lar.We’re not that gay.:p

  7. aki: screw u la aki! this is malaysia!! not finland!! ehhe terjin&ivan: lauk?? i wonder how u came out with that term keke kim: those were the days for u eheh fr0stie: plastic bag? wahlao we’re not that extreme wei! wolfx: ooh tiang..last tiem when i was in UK, a group of hongkies did it to a bday boy..lola&yummie: for fun only mah eeheh dimsum: bonggol my school’s term ehhe gguni: ooo seems liek ever school has this event

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