since we all know how to spot fake boobs, introducing the bra-omatic (dedicated to fanky panky frank_omatic who’s alive and blogged) just for laughs. ;P you need to your rest your eyes a bit, the itty-bitty fonts here are killing my eyes. so we shall “read” some cartoons instead.

[source unknown: from a forwarded email.]

gosh, so tiny.


i want DD!

see that disgusting old man on the left?? boob_omatic, is that you? joking. just thought you’re into boobs and all, since that’s your nick. hehe;P
fanky panky frank_omatic is contented with B, while ‘play gay’ xes is not interested noncommital. the bigger the better, of course. ;P
p.s. #1 ya, lame post, i know. sorry. i wanted to take MC from blogging today but you-know-who ‘chao lou’ (ran away) and left me here.
p.s. #2 how come no one is sending me hamsup jokes?
p.s. #3 the guy’s story to ‘threatening suicide is dumb‘ is coming up soon. hope you’ll look forward to it. 😉 have a good weekend!

12 thoughts on “bra_omatic”

  1. AvalonDevil: got some porn movies got as huge as H rite… yuck…
    Amos: you know any friends with DD? ;P
    booby: how bout the bum? where there’s a T, there must be the A requirement, too ;P

  2. i like the faces of the guys staring at her boobs. they weren’t smiling at 1st until the last one they were gone. hahahahha

  3. booby: you’re not given a choice, sorry. so it has to be my bum. muahahahaha ;P
    chaliz: ooohh… will let xes know to put in more comics or something then. ;P

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