Cameron Highlands: Boh Tea Plantation @ Sungei Palas

Our first destination in Cameron Highlands was the Boh Tea Plantation @ Sungei Palas.
The Boh Tea plantation was first established in 1929 by a British businessman, J.A. Russell. It survived the war and Boh Tea is now a well known brand for tea.
Our intention to visit the Boh Tea Plantation @ Sungei Palas was to visit the cafe located inside the tea plantation. However, the drive to the plantation wasn’t easy. We had to go through a small lane just enough to fit two cars. There was only one way in and one way out from the plantation and hence cars had to squeeze through the tight lanes. Since its a peak period for Cameron Highlands, many cars were trying to get into the plantation. There were a few times we were stuck for a long time because buses were trying to get out from the plantation. There was also once were we were diverted into another road because the roads were too congested. It resulted in two of our cars (Kiang and Eric’s cars) being diverted out from the plantation. After all the hard work in waiting and squeezing through lanes, they had to return to the hotel. I was on the other hand lucky and managed to get into the plantation.

Blood Bustard!!

Finally! Cafe on top of the hill!

Apparently this dog is one of the fixtures around this place

We had to hike around 200m to get to the cafe

The Cafe..after all the bloody hard work.
We ordered loads of pastries and of course tea. Prices are reasonable, tea served by teapot is around RM3.30 while BOH “Teh Tarik” is around RM2.80.

The scones are just so-so. Perhaps dont bother getting your scones here

Boh Tea Tarik

Old skoool!
Other than the cafe, there’s even a shop, a museum and even a guided tour on Boh tea!

Part of the museum 😀
We left the place around 2pm and we got out from the plantation easily. I was told by Kiang and Eric that they took a long time to get out. What made it worst was that everyone’s handphone didnt have signal except for mine which ran on Celcom. The poor chaps have to settle for lunch at the hotel.

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