Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama

In view that Summit Climbing Gym has closed its door to the public, my climbing gang has no choice but to migrate to Camp 5 @ 1 Utama. No doubt Camp 5 is a nicer place, the entry is quite expensive and there are many rules to follow – written and unwritten rules. The written rules are everywhere.

I miss Summit Climbing Gym!

4 thoughts on “Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama”

  1. (Chen Leong, I hope you don’t mind I bump this thread up here as this is your latest post and is climbing gym related. I really need good feedback.)
    Mini Market-Research Survey…
    Xes in his post mentioned that the CAMP5 prices are exorbitant. I would like to know how much you climbers out there are willing to pay monthly for a gym of CAMP5 standard (its currently RM 1088 per annum or RM 90.70 per month)???
    Please state a fair price that you believe will deliver the facilities that you think is up to standard (e.g. CAMP5). This is valuable information for me to help develop sport-climbing gyms in Malaysia.
    (Chen Leong, can help me get your climbing readers to respond, thanks)
    Current Feedback:
    Thanks guys, keep them coming…..
    Xes & Mike Tee: RM 20- +/-….. sounds reasonable.
    Abner: The key here is social sport. A place to enhance friendships. Thanks
    Ping: Yes, I agree, climbing muscle is one of the motivations and display of dynamism to the sport. It gives the participants of the sport a purpose.
    Cris: Your points are very valuable. Thanks
    Since the beginning of the year, we(the team)have been working extremely hard to plan and build a gym on par with world standards, we hope that things go to plan. In the mean time, I need a lot of feedback to plan a fully functional and friendly gym.
    Please keep your fingers crossed that this project is realised….
    Please leave me more feedback on what you fellow climbers think your ideal climbing gym should have….. Cheers guys.

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