Can the Ex Attend Your Wedding?

Would you let your husband/wife-to-be invite their ex to your wedding?
Can or not?
Recently one of my exes, (let’s call him Ex) called me to invite me to his wedding. I haven’t seen him since we broke up but we’ve chatted online once in a while.
Ex: So…bimbobum, are you going to attend my wedding? You can ask bimboman along…
Me: I’ll let you know ya…
As soon as I put down the phone, all those old memories came back to me – the courtship, our trips, our outings and those long nights of hot…never mind… We met at one posh club couple of years ago, feel in love immediately and broke up on a rainy day. Rainy day? Well, I’ll talk about it some other day.
Back to the story, it sure feels awkward to be at my ex’s wedding especially the wife-to-be used to my best friend. Let’s call her ‘Bloody *t00000t*’. But I sure feel for Bloody T000t if she sees me at her wedding, a day where she’s the princess and I’m the cheering crowd by the street. I hope she doesn’t put me in a table full of kids like how Eddie’s (Ben Stiller) ex girlfriend put Eddie in the ‘single’s’ table which is actually the kid’s table in the movie the Heartbreak Kid. You can actually see the clip below.

So days later,
Me: Ex, sorry can’t make it to your wedding. Something came up.
Now I feel bad lying to him.
Anyone else had the same experience? Would you mind if your husband/wife-to-be’s ex attends your wedding? You can comment anonymously if you want to 🙂

11 thoughts on “Can the Ex Attend Your Wedding?”

  1. I wouldn’t go either. no matter how good a relationship is kept after the breakup, the wife-to-be is there la.
    knowing us females, mana boleh accept one?

  2. Err, for me, I don’t mind attending, after the break, we can still be friend wut, the wife-to-be/husband-to-be, does it matter? Unless u still got feelings towards the Ex…lolx.

  3. I think if you can call his wife-to-be as a bloody tooot, that shows that you don’t have good friendship with her anymore.
    No point going if you ask me. Unless you are very close still with the bloody toooot

  4. I wonder whether anyone has ever had one whole table of exes at their wedding….
    Would be a very interesting…. group photo shoot. Look.. here is #1, #2, #3…. etc.

  5. hmm…
    it’s okay to attend the wedding if u are a bigger heart person and send ur greetings and blessing.
    Cherish the good moments and memory, since already is history, if u can let go and move on, why not go to for it? turn up with gorgeous look prove that u r living happily n better than him / her?
    if u not wish to see/hear each other n feel awkward about it, then just cut it off and dun go!
    if someone that nothing to do with u and u not care about that person, whatever he/she said/did to u, you won’t take consideration and take stock in ur account of what the damn shit is going on. if you still care and mind, then u will take everything so hard.
    decision is laying on ur hand since u’ve made up ur mind and don’t regret about it.

  6. hhmmm… u havent really let go of the past woh… and keep the grudge for so long…. wont people see it as ‘small gas’?

  7. since his wife is a bloody biatch, you should go for the wedding, then shag him in some closet there and then, and ‘accidentally’ let the wife open the door with all his and her relatives. wouldn’t that be the perfect revenge?

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