Speedzone @ KL Tower – 7.4.2007

The last time I went to a rave was probably on New Years Eve. It’s been a while. I must thank MyPartners Communications (especially Xaviera & Kimberly) for providing us with the free tickets, if it’s not for them, this awesome night wouldn’t happen for me.

There were probably more than 7000 people who attended this event as pre sale tickets amounting to 4000 were sold out few days before the event. Those who didn’t managed to secure pre sale tickets had to come early to line up. And those who came late without tickets were barred from entering the KL Tower compound. Just at the entrance, lies one huge banner saying. “Tickets sold out!”

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April 2007 Events

4000 pre sale tickets are all gone!
More info @ http://www.xes.cx/MT/archives/2007/03/speedzone_tour.html

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Johnnie Walker pres. The Black Circuit Paddock Party @ Aloha
924 Jln. P Ramlee, KL. T: 2711 7277

The Black Circuit Paddock Party is the culmination of Johnnie Walker’s 2 month-long Black Circuit campaign for the F1 as they help take Team McLaren Mercedes to the top! It’s triple trouble on the decks of Aloha with DJ Shortee Blitz (MOS UK), who’s played alongside De La Soul, Cypress Hill and Run-DMC, among others; DJ Tang (MOS S’pore), a master turntablist and DMC ilumni; and DJ E-Turn, deemed the #1 DJ in Taiwan who drops vinyl for Wu Bai and China Blue. These 3 deck superstars get all freak nasty on your booteh with enough hip hop groove to rev you up proper. 8pm-3am. RM30 inc. 1 drink. For info, log onto www.blackcircuit.com.my. Be the 1st 1000 to register at the Black Circuit official website and receive free passes!
DJ Ron Van Den Beuken (Holland)

Ron van den Beuken is one of todays most influential trance music producers and DJs in Europe. He is best known for his chart topping global smash singles like “Timeless”, “Endless”, “Find a way”, “Mary goes wild”. He produced for Netherlands biggest music label Spinnin Records and makes remixes for artists such as Ferry Corsten, Sander van Dooren, Randy Katana, Fragma, 4 Strings or Tatana and many others. Ron has sold thousands of records through his numerous releases in the last 5 years. He has also received extensive music videos and radio airplay across the world and was awarded by the prestigious dutch awards as best producer 2005.
His extensive touring schedule has taken him across the world as a DJ. He has performed in countries including the UK, Mexico, Colombia, Dubai, Germany, Canada, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, China and many more. He is spinning as headliner at big Festivals like Mayday, Goliath, E-Lake, Alpha Festival, Nature One etc.
Venue : JB Discovery (Johor Bahru)
Date : 6-4-2007
Time : 10pm till late
And in Melbourne!

Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash @ Velvet

It was an excellent night. Sathya, Tay, Sow, ivN Melvin, Sharon Dilirius, Gena the Filipino chick and I were drinking all night long.

We had one table by the side of the dancefloor. Sow got a little bit bored and told ivN,

“Tell me which chick is cute!”.

ivN: neh!! that one over there. (randomly pointing towards the crowd)

Sow then went over one girl and mumbled something to the girl. The girl then came over to introduce herself. Her name is Valerie.

Sow, ivN and I introduced ourselves. When it came to my turn to introduce myself, the girl stepped forward, smiled widely and said, “Are you Ivan???”

Me: No! Ivan is next to me..

She then sprung towards ivN.

I walked off thereafter. I asked Sow how he managed to get the girl over.

Sow: I told Valerie, “Hey! My friend ivN thinks you’re cute!!”.

I bumped into another lawyer, who is also my opponent in a case which I’m involved in. Hot girl, I saw one uncle with bodyguards hitting on her. Nevertheless, I went to say hi.

Me: Hi hi! How are you?
M: Good! How about you?
Me: Good! Oh, I just served you 2 applications on Friday! It’s fixed for hearing on Tuesday!
M: O______________________________________O||||

Suilin, Sow & Gena

Sharon Dilirius @ DJ Anatta & Sui Lin

Gena & Sui Lin

Me & ivN

Pictures courtesy of Sui Lin.com

We couldnt get Sow drunk cause he said he had to work the following day O___O

Reinforce [Club Series] featuring DJ Maverick and DJ Drive @ Club Ohana 20.1.2007

I promised Maverick that I would drop by his gig at Club Ohana. Before heading to Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash @ Velvet, Sharon Dilirius, Tay and I dropped by Club Ohana for Maverick’s gig. Upon our arrival, it rained heavily. So heavy until the entrance of Club Ohana was flooded. Nevertheless, we braved through the rain and flood to get into Club Ohana.

Uncle Maverick

I was told that entry before 11PM is free. Hence we rushed there and arrived around 1050PM. Phew.

At that time, there were already few clubbers in the club. As I walked to the DJ console, my path was blocked by a girl who was shaking her head violently. And she was the only person doing that O____O
Club Ohana is set up in a small establishment in Megan Avenue II. The interior is nothing to shout about but they have a pool table for patrons.


We didn’t stay long to see whether the place will be pack to the brink. We had to head to Velvet for Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash. Till next post!

Club Ohana

Block C-LG 1&2, Megan Avenue II, 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Next to Ambank)
Contact No : 603-21668733
DJ Line-ups
20th Jan – Maverick / Drive (Darkraverz)
27th Jan – Joey G / WillyThKd
3rd – Feb – Bass Agents (TBC) / Desire