Speedzone @ KL Tower – 7.4.2007

The last time I went to a rave was probably on New Years Eve. It’s been a while. I must thank MyPartners Communications (especially Xaviera & Kimberly) for providing us with the free tickets, if it’s not for them, this awesome night wouldn’t happen for me.

There were probably more than 7000 people who attended this event as pre sale tickets amounting to 4000 were sold out few days before the event. Those who didn’t managed to secure pre sale tickets had to come early to line up. And those who came late without tickets were barred from entering the KL Tower compound. Just at the entrance, lies one huge banner saying. “Tickets sold out!”

Since our complementary tickets say that we have to collect the ticket before 7PM, we went there around 6:30PM and hung around The Weld McDonalds and subsequently to Shangri-la’s lounge for some beer and live band.

Draft beer
At around 10PM, we adjourned to KL Tower. The organizers provided us with some shutter vans up to KL Tower from the foothill. We had to fight for seats as many people were cutting queues. Buggers.

Ticket counter

Just like the previous rave, the set up was identical. The stage and dance floor were built on top of the cascading fountain.
The dance floor was packed to the brink. We had to push and shove our way in and in the end, we found one nice cozy corner, not too far from the stage. We could see Botak Marco V on the decks. Sound system was damn power too!


Facing the DJ console

Botak Marco V
Some of us decided to be adventurous and headed straight to the DJ console. It was crazy. The place was so packed until I felt I was being squeezed all over. I also reminded me of Tokyo trains during rush hour. I think many girls got their ‘water stolen’. (literally means molested)
Many people were walking in and out from the dance floor. I think one day, someone should create some sort of official pathway for people to walk rather than pushing and shoving through the crowd to get somewhere.

Marco V made a magnificent closing before passing the deck to Yoji Biomehanika. As Yoji’s name was announced, the crowd chanted “Yoji, Yoji! Yoji!”. Confetti was released from the air and fireworks were blasted just as Yoji appears on the decks.

Poor Yap had red confetti plastered all over his face as he was sweating all over due to the heat. Unfortunately for him, the red confetti leaked red dye on his face and shirt 😀

Christina & I – once again, we managed to keep take a picture together in all the events we attended.

The girls

The rest of the night was spent outside the dance floor. We left around 1:45AM. We were told that the night ended at 2AM.

On our way out, we saw 2 men lying on the floor. We took pictures of them. Sow and ivN decided to lie on the floor with them. LOL sasau to the max.

Few minutes later, the paramedics went to check on the men. They rubbed some sort of liquid below their nose and waited. I think it’s probably smelling salt or their armpit sweat or sweat from their buttcrack to wake them up.

We ended the night at Kampung Baru to have nasi lemak at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa.
I guess this would be one of the last raves I attend 😀
More pictures @ http://www.johnsonteoh.com

21 thoughts on “Speedzone @ KL Tower – 7.4.2007”

  1. Macam kena tembak…In US, it’d most probably be that…why no one go pour some ketchup over them? hehehe
    zOMG! First!
    Xes, why last one? Too busy?

  2. ahhaha i saw those two guys pengsaned there also.. and i hopped into the van that 2 policemen came out from :X funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun 😛 u getting too old for this kinda stuff la hehe

  3. bimbo: whatdya mean no leng chai pic. grrr..
    leong: u should have taken pics of the nasi lemak… zomg awesome.. must go back there soon. gg.

  4. T.T, couldn’t attend to this rave as in too MANY ASSIGNMENT AND PRESENTATION to Ready up…ARGHH!!!WASTED!!!
    BTW, did kian and amos went to the rave??

  5. Darren: http://www.johnson.com has!
    Amos: kekekekekee im sure u had a great time at aloha grabbing papayas
    bimbobum: who sez dont have! blind ah!!
    efly: hehe alot of sweaty meat fun ma 😛
    sow: GG!
    julie: ahhahahahahaha
    winkris: same here! yea! got it!! wow i didnt know friendster has this feature!
    penispup: and you’re still to young for it kekekeke
    Luxifer: LOL!!!!!!!!!! what happened to them? sasau to the max???
    chzehong: yeah!!
    ivn: HAHAHAHAHHA sure or not, i tot u volcano-ed your ass after eating nasi lemak? keke
    Khinko: kian and myname128 went! saw them there. amos was stuck in aloha rubbing papayas
    insomnia: keke many people lined up few times to get ticktes

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