Last of Sheffield photos.

Dont know what to post today, so I guess I’ll just post some photos of Sheffield. 😀

Sheffield University student union. During exam period, it’s open 24 hours. There I get to ogle white chicks 😀

This Ice Cream truck sells really good shit ice cream. It’s really creamy 😀

While I was taking the photo of the Ice Cream truck, this 2 guys whistled at me. They asked me to take a photo of them.

So on my way back, I bumped into this dog.

Sheffield University photos

To those who didn’t know, I graduated from Sheffield University.

Sheffield is a beautiful place. So beautiful till every scenery looks like a photo opportunity

It was a bright and sunny day, so I decided to snap some pictures. Here are the photos:

Arts Tower – the tallest building in Sheffield

An aerial view of Sheffield from Arts Tower

Paternoster lift – An elevator constructed of a series of doorless compartments hung on chains that move slowly and continuously, allowing passengers to step on and off at will.

Main library

Despite its beauty, Sheffield is a boring place. You can actually die of boredom there. If you send someone to live there alone, he will start talking to himself and see weird shit. Well, if you had the right friends who shares the same enthusiasm with you, it would be a great place. But for me, not in front of the computer playing computer games or in front of the television playing PS2!!

Graduation day

Octagon Centre was crowded with soon to be graduates and their parents, relatives and friends. Everyone was smiling happily as the camera flashes onto everyone’s face. Everyone grabbed anyone they knew to take photos together.

By 9:30AM, we proceeded into Octagon Centre. The soon to be graduates sat on the middle while guests are seated on the spectator’s stand. But the event was uber boring. For half an hour we were subjected to torturous traditional organ pieces. I sat around a bunch of locals who I’ve never seen in my life throughout my entire 2 years stay in Sheffield.

The convocation ceremony was entirely procedural. The big shots walked into the hall while everyone stood up, we lined up to get our certificates by getting on to the stage one by one and lastly, the event ends after a short speech by the Dean and Vice Chancellor. Sadly, there wasn’t any hat throwing ceremony.

Dad and I proceeded to the professional photograph session. The man with his huge digital SLR camera, made Dad and I stand in a unique pose (this body part turns here, and that body part turns here and so on). He even forced us to smile by shouting, “Be happy!”

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Good news
I got my luggage back from Watson 16! Screw Robert Neal! We had a short chat with the new tenants. They were pretty nice. In the beginning we thought they are going to screw us for the mess we created but thank god they didn’t know anything about it. Khai Fei had to scout the house before we head back to Watson 16. Initially we were worried that no one will be there to open the door for us. Fortunately, the new tenants moved in hence we had no problem gaining entry. However, we had problem moving my stuff out from the house, as it was too heavy. I found out that I packed canned food, packets of Milo and loads of useless stuff inside. CM, Siew Lee and Wen Dee helped me to move my things. Thanks guys. 😀

London was great! I met up with Daniel and Ka Bien. Daniel accompanied Dad and I to the British Museum and we met up with Ka Bien for dinner. Dad didn’t join us for dinner cause he had jet lag and had to sleep early.

The hotel we stayed was amazingly huge. Our floor itself has already 400 rooms. But dad complained the room doesn’t have aircon. We had to open the window and expose ourselves to the noisy traffic outside.

Dad has been telling me how fascinating British Museum was. During the height of the British Empire, we foresaw the colonization of countries by the British Empire. It was once said, ‘The sun never sets on the British Empire’ as the British has colonized many parts of the world. But those unscrupulous motherfuckers stole many items from those countries and brought it back to England and claimed that they were gifts from the rulers of those countries.

We set off to the British Museum as soon as we got in to the hotel and met Daniel there. The entrance was free but 3 pounds can be given as a token of appreciation. Hmph, I wouldn’t pay a single cent to see a display of stolen good (VCD is an exception of course).

Our main attraction was the Greek and Rome, Egyptian, Chinese and South East Asia section. The Greek and Rome section, oh boy, it’s superbly boring. It’s all about statutes, this god that god, stones and philosophical shits. The Egyptian section was ten times better even though the display of dead bodies was pretty morbid. However, the Egyptian considers death as a pathway to another life hence bodies are preserved so that they could reenter their body in the future. Chinese section on the other hand focused on wealth. There were loads of royal artifacts stolen from the Imperial palace during the Ching dynasty. As for the South East Asia section, I don’t remember what I saw there. I couldn’t find anything about Malaysia. Hence there you are, Greek and Rome section about life and art, Egypt about death and Chinese about wealth.

Daniel brought me to Harrods shopping centre, one of the most expensive shopping centre in UK. I bought a tie for my convocation. It costs me 15 quid and that the cheapest I could get. Harrods is pretty strict as ‘please do not take pictures’, ‘please do not stand here’ and ‘please carry your bags’ were heard in Harrods. But there’s one section that we could take photos. It’s the Princess Diana and Dodi shrine. Picture of Diana and Dodi were put side by side with 2 cups on the table. Apparently, the cups were left as they were after their last meal.

The place was so big that we couldn’t finish walking it.

Encounter with the famous (finally)
Guess whom I saw in Leicester Square’ Claire Danes in black silky dress, Kristanna Loken in pink and Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger! There were loads of people crowding around Odeon. Apparently it was the premier of Terminator 3. The atmosphere was pretty hype up as we waited for the trio to appear. As the trio walked out to the balcony, people screamed in excitement. The kid next to me kept on shouting ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger!’ Kristina Loken is damn tall. She’s even taller than Arnie (probably by a head). I could see her head popping up from a crowd, as she was the tallest in the crowd. Oh yeah, she doesn’t look gorgeous in real life. The trio gave a short speech and I remember Arnie saying, ‘I’ll be back’ once. The director of Terminator 3 gave a reluctant short speech as well after Arnie pushed the mike to him.

Unfortunately, Daniel missed the event cause he had a little problem in the train station.

Day II
Encounter with Japanese
While we were waiting for the river cruise ticket counter to open, Dad made me talk to a group of Japanese. He wanted me to ask them to ask them to take a picture for us. It took me a while to recall the Japanese that I have learnt 9 months ago. And it went,

Me: sumimasen, shashin o totte kudasai (Excuse me can you take a picture for us’’
Japanese man: ‘hai dozo’ (sure)
(Picture taken, Dad and I posed on the walkway of River Thames)

Me: Arigato Gozaimasu (Thanks)
(I bowed in gratitude and walked away)

Japanese man: Ah, Doko de nihon kara ikimasu ka’ (Which part of Japanese are you from?)
Me: iie, Watashi wa Mareshia jin desu. Demo Daigaku de nihon go o bengkio shimasta. Demo watashi no nihongo wa jyouzu ja nai desu (I am Malaysian but I studied Japanese in University but my Japanese isn’t that good)
Japanese women: kirei kireii!! (I think they were assuring me that my Japanese is alright but kireii means beautiful or clean in Japanese. I guess it also means good)

Conversation went on in Japanese for a while. They kept on bombarding me with questions. I guess they felt pretty proud to find a Malaysian that could speak Japanese. The Japanese man had 2 women with him. The man is from Kyoto while one of the women is from Tokyo. I vaguely remember what they said cause they kept on asking me a lot of questions as if they were testing my language skill.

Japanese man (In a slow tone and proper Japanese (not with slang an all): Nihon ga itta koto ga arimasen ka? (Have you been to Japan?)
Me: Arimasen desu
Japanese man: Nihon ni ikitai desu ka? (Do you want to go to Japan?)
Me: Hait, ikitaii! (Yes!)
(He sounded like my Japanese lecturer)

Dad gave me a thumb up after they left. I guess the amount of money he has put into my education hasn’t gone to waste. He also advised me to speak to Japanese on the street whenever I see them.

Another encounter with language
Unfortunately, something happened just now. While I was in the computer lab, a Chinese lady in her mid forties from the opposite table, approached me. She asked,

‘Are you Chinese’’
‘Ni hui chung wen mah’ (Do you know Mandarin)
‘Hui, tan xi wo de chung wen pu hau’ (Yes but it’s not that good)

She came over and passed me a piece of paper and asked me to translate it in Mandarin.
‘Wo kan dau ni de yin wen hen hau. Yao ni pang mang.’ (I see your English is quite good. Can you please help me’ (She saw me talking to the girl next to me, see below)

I was talking to this voluptuous Spanish pharmacist sitting next to me (Wei hai, she initiated the conversation ah). She showed me a website of a company. She was fascinated (and also laughed) at this shareholder of a major company who had no university degree qualification but a diploma holder. The shareholder was also involved in loads of public international activities which is surprisingly more than the Chairman. Now the shareholder is the President of Boeing German. She said she wants to meet up with that guy and ask him how he did it.

Back to the lady, she gave me a pen to write Chinese character. I had to explain to her that I cant write Chinese characters well and instead I tried to translate it orally. However, I failed miserably. She muttered loads of Mandarin that I couldn’t understand. I had to explain some words with actions and examples. For example, I explained the word experience with ‘experience zhiu shi heng xin ni koh lai ying kwok wan shuah (Experience is something like you come to England to play, Ha ha). She somehow got the meaning. I guess I managed to explain something to her. She thought I was from China but I had to explain to her that I’m from Malaysia and studied Malay. We chatted for a while but there were loads of words I cant say in Mandarin. I can’t even say the word “just now” in Mandarin. How shameful.

Graduation day tomorrow. Gonna try out our gown tonight 😀

p/s sorry for the long post. haha took me few hours to type it.

ramble on, baby…

Just 2 more days to the deadline of my Corporate Insolvency assignment and my Criminal Justice and Penal Policy exams – do I give a damn? Nope.. Maybe its something that happens after an accident, I really think I have better things in life to do than worry about studying for exams. When I was lying down in the hospital bed on the 3rd day (the worst day) with all the needles stuck in me, all I wanted to do was to live properly again – now that I am okay, I don’t need this sort of stress in my life now, it is superficial stress and I am so beyond that. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel the least bit stress about my exams. I wonder if that’s a good thing…?

This would be last batch of exams I would have before I can look at my study-life straight in the eye and say, now you can fuck off. I will be starting work back home soon, then I wanna get married, have 7 kids (and therefore naming them all after my Watson 16 housemates – so let’s hope I have 5 sons and 2 daughters *cross fingers*), have a life full of love, die a happy great-great-grandmother and be a guardian angel to all my loved ones. Sounds like a plan?. 😉

Talking about dying and guardian angels, Leong suggested I write something about a friend of mine, X who has the ability to see ?things?. Of course, it is really up to you guys to believe it or not but it makes up for something interesting to read and talk about.

At home
She has had many terrifying experience of being ?held down? by ?something? while she slept. The Chinese believed it to be a naughty spirit pressing you down, making it impossible for you to move but is aware of everything else happening around you. Apparently, it is quite common. Many times X would feel ?it? clutch her and she would try with all her might to scream for help to no avail.

Once, in one of the many times she got ?pressed down?, she saw fleeting images of white things around a row of white houses. And sometimes, she would hear mutterings in a language she could not comprehend and occasionally, even deep breathing by the side of her ear. Now she has learnt to go with the flow ? stay calm, silently say a prayer and wait for it to go away.

Midvalley Megamall
It was not the first time X felt like fainting and vomiting while she was walking around the huge shopping complex, feeling worse as the floors got higher. By the time she was at the UGC and McD floor, she was on the verge of fainting, overcome with nausea and feeling as if the place was ?not nice? in a negative vibe kinda way. The last time she was there, it was to watch LOTR: The Two Towers, she didn?t get to watch the ending as she had succumbed to the depressing vibe that clouded her mind and senses and decided to leave that place immediately with her dad.

At the carpark, her dad was driving out when X suddenly started screaming at her dad to slowdown. Her dad was like wth? Why? She then said that she saw a man standing right in the middle of the carpark and her dad was going to bang him down. Her dad was positive that he saw no man in front of the car while X was just as sure that she saw a man just standing there. Her reaction to the ?man? in front of the car was extremely startling to say the least, prompting her dad to believe that she probably did see ?something?, which he couldn?t.

Sungai Buloh
We were with some friends at a random BKT shop when X went pale and started to cry. She asked me if I could see an old lady standing right behind her. There was nothing and no one behind X at all. She said that this old lady was dressed in an old purple cheong-foo and was just standing there rigidly, head cocked to one side, staring at X. It took us a while to calm her down. While the rest of us couldn?t see anything, we already felt uneasy and left soon after we finished our lunch.

Hong Kong
All was well when we were all holidaying in HK, until we went to the underground. Immediately, X turned pallid and she was about to faint. By then, we could tell that she was getting some negative vibes from the area and tried to get her out of the place as soon as we could. While walking back to the hotel, she began to saw ?them? everywhere in streets – standing rigidly or sleeping at the side of the pavement. When we asked her how did she know ?they? were what they were, she say that it was obvious coz it was winter time in HK then, everybody was wrapped up to their teeth in thick coats, scarves and gloves. ?They? were dressed in thin, summer clothing oblivious to the cold harsh wind blowing around them. And furthermore, people walk past ?them? as if they weren?t there ? which to the layman?s eye, technically weren?t.

There is this certain junction in SS2 (the traffic-lights whereby we turn right to go to Sri Siam) and there?s a house facing those traffic lights. Whenever we pass that place, X had always seen the same man sitting in front of the house, on top of the water-meter thingy. She says that the man is there without fail, night or day; he would be just sitting there unflinchingly. And naturally, the rest of us don?t see that man. So the next time, you guys pass that junction, see if you can see a man sitting outside the house facing the traffic-lights?.

Besides these places, X also had many sightings in places like Subang Jaya (near the highway, turning into Subang Parade on the way to Taylor?s), Damansara Heights (the housing estate, not sure where exactly) and Damansara Perdana among others.

She doesn?t only see people but also animals. Many a time, while her dad was driving, she would yell out that her dad was going to run over a dog or cat when everybody else in the car saw nothing. X could see the dog or cat sitting or standing still in the middle of the road while cars drove right through them. And sometimes, she would see them sitting quietly beside the carcass of themselves that got run down a few moments ago.

A gift or a curse? X does not understand why she sees them or if they really are a figment of her imagination. Oh well, I guess we will never know? but do we really need to anyway? 😀

And yes, below you would see some silly webcam shots of my darling sister Kim and I? to those who really care ? look!! I almost look normal again!!! The bandanna and cap had to be worn to cover some bruises on my head, which has not fully heal yet. Ahhh.. life is goooood?. *WARM HUGS TO ALL*


get well soon wendee

What happen to Wen Dee? I wish i could tell you guys 😀 But when i was in the hospital visiting Wen Dee, she specifically said, “Dont put this on the website!”

Well, some get well soon wishes to Wen Dee… Anybody wants to contribute?

if u see wen dee tell her i wish her to get well soon! ok?
all the juniours especially the guys miss her a bunch!

i wish n pray that she’ll be fine 🙂

Btw, A request from Jin Han. Here’s a video of an impersonation of Clark of King Of Fighters by my mates in Brisbane, Australia.

black undies

Ok, I swear I didnt steal them! hmm, Since Wen Dee has no more black undies and I somehow is hosting the Wen Dee’s fan club here, I propose that you (anyone) send Wen Dee black undies. Please send it to

Wen Dee’s Fan club,
16, Watson Road,
S10 2SD,
Sheffield, United Kingdom.

She would be very, very happy! However, please make sure.
1. You have not wore it before.
2. You didnt steal them from somewhere.
3. It’s new.
4. It’s still packed nicely in the box. All tempered packages will be discarded immediately.
5. Wen Dee or anyone blogging in this website, will not pay for those undies. It is for charity 😀

mindy crushed

Mindy accidentally crushed her finger with her room door. The nail was about to come off and she was in a state of shock. Frederick and I rushed to get her antiseptics and bandages. It looked real bad as blood was dripping all over the sink.

Fortunately, the bleeding stopped in a while and we covered it up with bandages. She was fine within a while.

Leeds & Manchester

My day was amazingly adventurous. There were many things in England that I’ve heard about but haven’t seen them with my own eyes, especially the hitchhiker Frederick and I saw while driving through the highway. The scruffy fellow was holding a sign saying ‘Manchester please’.

Leeds as usual, was bustling with people, just like how it was last year (I visited Leeds last December). Both of us, armed with our cameras roamed around Leeds city. We shopped for a while. I bought myself a GAP long sleeve shirt and a beanie. Yeah, it’s been months since I shopped!

Leeds city is boring especially when I’m not a woman. I don’t like spending sterling pounds here. I’m saving them for my Easter trip and Europe backpacking trip. That’s why Frederick and I left Leeds 2 hours earlier than our intended time. We decided to have dinner at Manchester’s China Town.

Frederick, with a skill of a F1 driver, speeded all the way to Manchester. The highway wasn’t exactly straight and it was wet. I always have the feeling that my car would skid every time I go through a wet road. However, I slept throughout the journey to Leeds. Poor Frederick had to drive alone. Haha

We had no map and no idea how to drive around Manchester. We had to make couple of phone calls to get direction. I called my former tenant at my house, Lek Yew. He’s in Manchester University reading Law. I asked him whether Chinatown is located near Piccadilly. He answered yes and gave me some direction. I thanked him and without asking how he’s doing and stuff, I put the phone. I felt so bad. Hehe.

We finally found Chinatown, ate dinner and then walked around Manchester. Manchester is a dirty place. There are rubbishes everywhere, homeless people roaming on the streets begging for change and dark alleys offering a free mugging experience. We walked into a small carnival selling loads of things ranging from food, Christmas tree and pottery. Frederick bumped into his friend who he hasn’t spoken for 7 years. It’s a small world isn’t it?

The stalls were already closing by the time we arrived. I ate a piece of maple syrup crepe that I bought from a French looking shop. The crispy little thing was folded into a con shaped cup (funny looking cup). By the time I finished my crepe, I found that all my maple syrup has leaked into the bottom. What a waste!

Sheffield was our next destination. Frederick once again, speed back home. Within 1½ hour, we reached safely back in Sheffield.