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Bersih aside, it’s time to talk about football. As some of you may know, Malaysia got belasah by Arsenal 4 – 0 a week ago. 3 goals came about due to high balls. You can watch some of the highlighted below.

Then few days later, Malaysia XI was beaten by Liverpool 3 – 6. Although we lost, it was certainly worth watching as Malaysia did came behind from 4 – 1 to 4 – 3. Unfortunately, Malaysia lost due to too much nasi lemak.

The last English club that will be playing with Malaysia XI is Chelsea and that will be on 21 July 2011 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at 8:45pm. It will be interesting to see how Malaysia fair.

I wonder if the guy who wore the Manchester United jersey to the Liverpool training session will attend the Chelsea game. He was forced to take off his jersey by the Liverpool fans 😀

Celcom is now holding the “Celcom WHO WILL WIN challenge“. You can get autographed jerseys and FREE tickets to the Chelsea game by participating in one of the following challenges.

Who Will Win Challenge
i. Send ON WIN to 23696
ii. Receive 3 Questions per day (voting based) and SMS news alert.
iii. Receive news alerts after you finish the questions.

Who Will Win Longest “Gooaalll” Cheer
i. Dial *2299009 and answer 10 questions correctly.
ii. After answering the last question, record your longest “goooooaaaaaaalllllll” cheer.
iii. You will also receive a FREE Call-Me-Tones!

Who Will Win – Match Alerts & Live Updates
Register for the Football Goal package OR Mirror Football package by performing the following steps:
a) Football Goal Package (Receive news, team line-up, goal alerts and more of your favorite team)
i. Subscribe to Chelsea package by typing ON CHE and send to 26060
ii. Subscribe to Arsenal package by typing ON ARS and send to 26060

b) Mirror Football (Receive football news, instant updates and more from Monday to Friday)
i. Subscribe to Mirror Football SMS Alerts package by sending ON MFS and send to 23776
ii. Subscribe to Mirror Football WAP Alerts package by sending ON MFW and send to 23776

Who Will Win Trivia
1. Download Who Will Win MMS Greeting Card by sending ON BOLA to 22229
2. After successfully downloading, answer a set of questions. Each set has five (5) SMS questions. You can answer a maximum of ten (10) sets of questions daily.
3. If you answer one (1) or more sets of question correctly, you will automatically be eligible for the prize selection.

Who Will Win Fan Club
1. Subscribe to the Football fan page by sending MENU to 27722
2. Receive your football club fan status as well as club activities and enjoy free chat together with premium downloads of your favorite football club.

Who Will Win Music Downloads
Download Who Will Win music by dialing *118#, choose Call Me Tones and select the Anuar Zain VS Maher Zain and download the music you like to be eligible to win the FREE tickets to the matches.

Who Will Win Personality Quiz
i. Join the personality quiz by dialing *118#, select Who Will Win and choose Quiz.
ii. Answer all the questions given and you’ll receive your own personality result after answering all the questions.

Contest will end on 17 July 2011. For more information visit www.channelx.com.my.

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