Christmas @ Roppongi, Tokyo

A month before Christmas, Christmas decorations were already up in Roppongi, Tokyo.

The trees in Roppongi Hill were decorated with blue and white Christmas lights. From afar, we could see the lighted up Tokyo Tower. It was beautiful.

View from Roppongi Hill

Love Xmas!

14 thoughts on “Christmas @ Roppongi, Tokyo”

  1. sehsehlanz: yea yea yea, the lights change colour as well!
    pikey: kirei ne~~
    Darren: yeah man. and the lights change colour!
    Joanne: hehehe i wish i could!
    bent: thank u!
    honfaai: yup! famous landmar in tokyo!
    wodney: yes bootifu!
    Ams: msia got many things japan doesnt have. for example: the turkey shuffle
    wolfx: sure no problem, but pls sponsor air ticket keke
    afser: yeah man. thats why i love malaysia more.
    Jackyn: yes it was!
    moradi123: hi
    datextilenerd: YES U MISSED ALOT!!! VERY BEAUTAIFUUUU!! keeke

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