Chronicles from br1ckfield’s library..

4 more days till Final examination!!

I’ve been studying in the library constantly this couple of days. This examination is not easy, I hope I dont have to re-sit my entire paper if I fail.

There is no limit on the times you can sit for the examination (previously it was 4 times). Some of my classmates sat for the exam 3 – 4 times. I heard that someone even sat 10 times for it! (that would take 10 years!)

Being not able to pass the examination would be the biggest catastrophe of my life. If i fail, I would have to endure another year of weekend classes and my ambition as a lawyer would be on hold again.

Re-sitting for the exam is a big no-no. I have classmates turned weird because of that…

There is this particular middle aged lady in my class who expresses her stress in a funny way. While I was in the library couple of days ago, that lady approached me.

Lady: Leng jai..did you see who threw that farn hap (economic rice box) into the rubbish bin?
Me: err.. I think it�s the Indian lady.
Lady: (opens eye widely and started sulking) that�s my rice box�MMMMMMMMMMMM (flatten her lips ala Donald Duck and then proceeded to make some funny noises) stupid monkey..bitch..sui yann

I was shocked. I was wanted to laugh out loud but refrained myself as hard as possible. I immediately turned my head back to my notes. However, she stood there sulking for few minutes. Fortunately, she went back to her table and kept quiet.

Few minutes later, she banged the table with her hand. Now I understand why old ladies like iloveu go crazy.

12 thoughts on “Chronicles from br1ckfield’s library..”

  1. gambateh… you can do it… and… the lady so CUTE!! ehhehe… maybe… she was trying to grab your attention? hahaha…

  2. wah! turned weird because of re-sits? then lelong you better pass it coz you’re ALREADY weird in the first place – nanti jadi mahluk asing! *hehe*

  3. ah leong gor gor.. i’ve alreday given up LLB after i see this post.. oohhh… i dun wan to risk my “cing chun” on resitting the CLP. btw.. thx for encourage me..the old lady is real cute.. haha…. but is conversation and rice box allow in library?anyway.. good luck once again.. u can make it one la!!! add oil add oil.

  4. alot of chamBs doin it for yrs… im workin in a legal firm btw, ;- and they are like 28 y-o but earning onli RM800 per month.. how pathetic.. plus OTs and tough insults from lawyers and partners. so whoever say being a lawyer is cute?? gluck in ur papers….

  5. YUMMIE: she did went to kacau other ppl after that hehe fer: stupid ferker eheh mie: cannot!! do llb!! 😀 u can do it!! 😀 facky: keek thanks.. lawak? er… abit freaky la keke cheryl: hehe which law firm u work at eh? the one i worked at was great 😀 gguni: kill them all? how? machine gun ah? just like bowling for columbine? pikey: domo arigatou!!

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