claypot and goddamn family law!!

God damn Family law! I spent the entire week preparing for it and all I said was 3 sentences throughout the 2 hours. During group discussion, my group mates kept on talking to themselves and ignored my comments. While on the class discussion, some fat fuck chick dominated the whole discussion with her worthless comments. Individual participation is very important in this subject as it is worth 20% of the total mark.

Siew Lee and I made clay pot chicken rice today. It was really easy. All we had to do is marinate the chicken with dark and light soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger and oyster sauce. Cook the rice till the water is fully absorbed and then place the chicken on top of the rice and put 2 teaspoons on it (this can be done easily with a rice cooker). Let it cook for 20 minutes. Then mix the rice and chicken and let it cook for another 15 minutes.

The Iraq war turned sour for UK and US coalition today. A number of soldiers were captured and killed by Iraqi forces. They were paraded on the television, which eventually caused an outburst by UK and US. I saw a father of one of the killed US soldiers. While holding a picture of his son, he said, “Look at this George Bush, this is a picture of my only son, my only son!”

I accidentally split the wooden chopping board while chopping chicken. ops..

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  1. For some reason, i hope that the iraqi will win the War. I wanted to see the bad guy win for once. Anyway, who is the bad guy here, Saddam or Bush?

  2. Xes, check the third line of our instructions.. “chicken on top of the rice and put 2 teaspoons on it.” U mean put 2 teaspoons into the pot and cook it ? or did u miss out the ingredients that u had filled it with the 2 teaspoons. ?? ^^

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