Club Med Cherating – The Forest

As you all know, Club Med Cherating is located in the North East of Malaysia in the State of Terengganu, about 5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. As stated earlier, Cherating is well known for their beaches.
Other than the beach, Club Med is surrounded by a lush forest. It made the place tranquil and serene. However, staying next to a forest does have its drawbacks. The animals!

This monkey was about to attack me

We had people warning us of monkeys that come to steal food. I heard one colleague’s room got ransacked by monkeys!
In my room, there was a notice warning us of monkeys.

20 thoughts on “Club Med Cherating – The Forest”

  1. Oh we have plenty of those type of monkeys around my campus. They steal food, take medicine and underwear, be careful XD Remember all the monkey stories I’ve been telling about them taking laxatives and vitamin Cs? It’s this species of monkey lah!

  2. dont think the money wanted to attack you, maybe it was thinking to itself :-
    “hey isnt that the fucker from shit i better lie low, if he spots me he sure take photo and blog about it…”

  3. duh monkey, I once went to a beach where the hotel has a monkey as its pet, summore I came at the wrong time, the monkey’s balls were so huge and red, I think he’s horny, musim kawin ?

  4. Applegal: Dont forget to buy number if you see that (monkey waving bras/undies). If you say orang utan steal them, it is at least something coz they look more like human… but those monkeys… hey.

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