clubbing for 3 days in a row :D

Thursday = Tech-circuit, Atmosphere
Friday = Jungle Jerry’s attempt to set Malaysian’s spinning record, Atmosphere
Saturday = Regenerate, Emporium

I got into Regenerate for free. Well, the first 200 patrons get free entry but unfortunately I was the number 201 patron. God damn it! However, Jia Nee and Cris had a little plot. Jia Nee and I exchanged entry hand band while Jia Nee claims for a Media pass to get in. However, it didn’t work cause Jia Nee’s name wasn?t on the media list. However again, I was already inside Emporium using the entry hand band. I passed the entry hand band to Cris so that he could pass it to back Jia Nee. It worked! 3 of us got inside for free!

The music was good but the atmosphere wasn?t so good. It was pretty boring.

Okay, I think I’m off the clubbing scene till the 16th August, Genting Highland rave.

Btw, Happy Birthday Facky πŸ˜€

Euww… This morning, Dad found a kitten’s head under the table. Apparently, it was bitten off by some animal. It couldn’t be the mother of the kitten cause it’s mouth is too small. We suspected it was the neighbour’s dog who occasionally runs into our compound. May the kitten rest in peaaceeee…amennn

Ops… news update! Apparently the kitten wasn’t killed by my neighbour’s dog but was killed by it’s own mother. My tenant saw the mother killing it’s own child. :/

6 thoughts on “clubbing for 3 days in a row :D”

  1. Poor kitty! Perhaps the Mom knew there was something wrong with it or something like that, so it decided to kill it? My hamsters killed all its babies last time … I saw it eating the hairless hamsters, one by one. Attempted to raise the remaining hamsters by hand, but all still died.

  2. yuann: kekeke maybeeee… mercy killing hor? πŸ˜€ poor hamsters.. ah, it’s normal for animals to kill their own child. last time my dog left one of it’s puppies head in the garden..

  3. while you all were partying in Empo I was getting drunk in Atmo. Bumped into SuiHai there. I messaged Cris hai but then I was a little tipsy to read his reply.

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