Crazy ass ebay member

I got his from Lionel on his friendster bulletin board.
These are replies by mizzelphug, an eBay seller to his buyers. Quite funny.
Fast payment and good communication. thanks
Seller dmsgunstuff ( 503)
Reply by mizzelphug: Liar. I paid with paypal and EVERYTHING was automated. I didn’t even email you.
It was a vhs just like you said. I appreciate you dropping it in the mail.
Buyer lowrance04 ( 2 )
Reply by mizzelphug: No! i slammed it into the mail!!!! you don’t know the half of it!!
service good but description said no scratches in game and there were bad ones
Buyer trackstar1011 ( 28)
Reply by mizzelphug: Scratch added at shipping time and not when listed. Buyer paid really late.
Shipped fast, exactly as described-Thx for a top notch stick!
Buyer -toodles- ( 29)
Reply by mizzelphug: Buyer is lying. Stick was really crappy and was shipped via USPS-slowest way.
good communications , great ebayer A+++++++
Buyer jt42857 ( 238)
Reply by mizzelphug: i disagree. I have poor communication skills. I won’t not not take this. =)
Package arrived with zero transportation damage -Thanks for your quick response
Buyer af4481 ( 80)
Reply by mizzelphug: Did you want transportation damage? I mean why would you mention it otherwise?
EXCELLENT SELL2ALL CUSTOMER!! Hope to do business with again. THANKS!!!
Seller sell2all ( 99935)
Reply by mizzelphug: You don’t own me. If we were in prison, you’d be my man-woman.
fast payment thanks…….AAA++++
Seller vader19771977 ( 50)
Reply by mizzelphug: That money came from a nigerian email scam i was running. Enjoy.
Prompt Payment! A pleasure to deal with!! Thanks! A++
Seller toygoblin ( 1031)
Reply by mizzelphug: Don’t mix business with pleasure. It’s all about profits, & the Peter Principle.
Item as described! Great Ebayer! A++++
Buyer eagle_eye70 ( 1313)
Reply by mizzelphug: Yes crappy item as described. So crappy, i sold it on ebay.
nice cars. THANX!!!!
Buyer 46dancin ( 30)
Reply by mizzelphug: 80 characters to use but you went for an “X” in lieu of “KS” in “THANKS”… nice
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