criminal evidence today!

Criminal Evidence paper was good. All the topics I spotted for came out but it seems that they put a twist on the questions. Instead of asking what we studied for, the question was the other way round. I had to divert my answers in order to relate to the questions. And as usual, I ran out of time. I decided to write my answers in point form, I hope I still get good marks for it. hehe. Next paper is on Tuesday and I’m not really prepared for it. ah two down one to go!

Temperature for today fell to 0 degrees. Puddles on the street were frozen. And it feels much colder with the cold artic blast. I wonder how am I going to stand –20 degrees in Finland.

3 thoughts on “criminal evidence today!”

  1. hello there! good luck for your tuesday paper, i’m having a finals exam on wednesday as well. taking summer semester, sucks having to study during chinese new year. not that there’s much celebration going on here anyway. how is sheffield?

  2. kilu: sheffield sux, hahah not much celebration going around here, everyone is having exams. damn the bloody exams!ming: hehe thanks! i’ll treat u dinner if i get a 2 – 1 for it ehehe

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