Crocodile Rock @ Kuantan

Since we only had one night in Kuantan, we had to choose a place to eat carefully. We didn’t want to spoil our last night in Kuantan with sub standard food.

This restaurant was recommended by a friend and it is located in a one storey bungalow – with weed overrunning the compound (later found out that its not their compound but their neighbour’s compound)

Just like any other converted bungalows, the restaurant has inner and outer sections. We avoided the outer section cause we didn’t want to end up as mosquito food.

The interior looks quite cozy.

It also had many paintings on the wall.

We ordered a bowl of spaghetti carbonara and a pizza.

I must say that the food was fine. Their service was good and the ambiance was excellent!

After dinner, we hung out at the place reading one of their coffee table books. Great place to hang out in Kuantan!

7 thoughts on “Crocodile Rock @ Kuantan”

  1. the price mayb KL standard but da food portion quiet they hav live music evry thursday night..Crocodile Rock is best know for their pizza but i thinks all da menu is wonderful..if u come from da town go toward teluk cempedak..after da traffic light near da pantai selamat,look left after da condo..

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