Day 1 of Seoul, South Korea

The 6 and a half hour flight was lousy. Bloody Airbus doesn’t have personalized screens for passengers and the lady who sat next to me had bad breath. However, I had one of the best seats, which were seats with no seats in front!

For most countries, no entry visa is required for stay less than 90 days. I got through the immigration and custom easily.

Since Jane was due to arrive 8 hours later, I decided to leave my bags at Brown Hotel first. Bus would be the most appropriate way to travel to Seoul. It costs 7000won and takes about an hour plus.

I had problem looking for the hotel initially. I had no map and no guide. I didn’t bothered to ask around as Koreans couldn’t speak English. My only guess was that the hotel is located near Shinseouldong station and Bomun station.

After wandering around for half an hour, I accidentally found it! The hotel allowed me to check in few hours earlier than the official check in time. The hotel room was small though but enough to accommodate the two of us and the plus side is that the floor is heated!

We had dinner at the restaurant next door. Jane read good reviews about it hence we decided to try it. Oh my god, it was so good. Service was absolutely great as well. The lady showered us with loads of attention and taught us the proper way to eat Korean food.

We retired early, with great amount of excitement over the events which were installed for us tomorrow 😀

15 thoughts on “Day 1 of Seoul, South Korea”

  1. wowww!! am i missing out some stories here??? hahahaha so jane here is de jane u met in jap isit?? hehehe…*interestinG* so when am i gettin my souvenirs??? =D

  2. xes: whao, don’t get too emotional…relax…….
    frank: sorry lar. the comment page won’t let me post without entering a URL so no choice. I bought that domain already though but still haven’t got around to creating a site.

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