DJ Cbell J – Xes Dancefloor Connection

DJ Cbell J aka puhyah is one of the regulars of this website. He’s been posting many of his mixes on this website, especially on the forum.
He just recorded a mix for everyone @
It starts off with some dark progressive house to techno, to uk hard dance to some dark synthie trance. Track listing is as follows:-
1. The Drill – the drill
2. Laurent Pautrat – Talk about it
3. Anne Savage – Parasite
4. DeadBeat – Still Thinkin
5. Dave the Drummer – a side [ taken from Hydraulix 24 Vinyl ]
6. The Edison Factor – Halucination
7. Lisa Lashes – Temptaion
8. Umek – Gatex
9. Digitek – Kenkraft 400
10. Pink – God is a DJ
Other mixes:-
Enjoy šŸ˜€
P/S Melbourne Shuffle Competition Finals @ Station 3, Melaka tomorrow.Cya guys there!

3 thoughts on “DJ Cbell J – Xes Dancefloor Connection”

  1. rych : that’s a lot? hoo, i only did about 46 mins set. if there’s a better hosting which provides bigger hostings, it would be longer and in better quality! šŸ˜€ It’s been a while since i make a set, hehehehe… i loose my touch

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